Thermostatic mixing valve for handheld bidet

zaydJuly 24, 2012

Hello, everyone.

A forum search didn't yield much on this topic, so I'm hoping a solid answer from someone can confirm I'm going in the right direction.

I'm renovating a bathroom and will be installing a handheld bidet. At the request of my lovely wife, it will be tempered water rather than the typical "T" off the toilet cold water supply line. I plan to do the following:

1. Underneath the bathroom, rough in hot and cold water lines to a thermostatic mixing valve. I figure I can set/adjust the temperature down there rather than clutter the bathroom with a wall-mounted valve. The mixing valve I'm looking at is this one:

I've read that I'd need a "point-of-use" mixing valve for my application. Is that true? The description of the above mentioned valve seems to indicate it can be used for this.

2. Exit the mixing valve and run 1/2" copper up a bathroom wall and exit into the bathroom, terminating in a male NPT fitting. At the beginning of this run near the mixing valve, I'd install a shut-off valve to control pressure.

3. Install a hose holder that is also an on/off valve so I don't have constant pressure in the bidet hose. Like this one:

4. End with the bidet hose.

Any fatal flaws or substandard practices in this? This is all just me rationalizing through it, so I don't expect it's all perfect or necessarily up to local code. I'll research that.

Thanks, folks.


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Just buy a bidet toilet seat that heats it's own water and even provides warm air to dry. No engineering needed. Just an electric outlet and simple water hookup. You're done.

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Yeah - Costco even has those now

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Sorry, saw these replies late.

My wife's preference is the handheld type. Otherwise, I'd go that route.

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