Buttermilk: how to tell if spoiled?

linnea56December 5, 2009

I just found out I can freeze leftover buttermilk. I have a carton left over from making scones; my recipe only calls for ½ cup so a lot gets wasted. How long does it generally keep once opened? It seems like yogurt or sour cream keep a long time after opening, does buttermilk do the same?

Can I tell if it is still good enough to freeze by just tasting?

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Yep...if it tastes bad it is.
Butter milk is cultured and the culture just keeps on getting better....until it separates and turns into clods....
Ask me how I know that!!
Linda c

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So maybe I can pour it out and check by looking!

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"Yep...if it tastes bad it is."

OMG Linda! LOLOLOL Buttermilk tastes bad to me from the get-go! I have to hold it far away from my nose as I am pouring it.......ICKY stuff but I do like what it adds to baked goods LOLOL!


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Well, if it's not too bad, it's hard to tell by looking, but if it's REALLY gone, yes, you will know on sight.

Hard to find good buttermilk now. My dad used to think a glas of cold buttermilk and a plate of hot corn bread was heaven on earth. Never understood that until one of the Amish ladies where I used to live brought me what she called "real" buttermilk. (Which sounds a little strange, but it wasn't just out of the blue -- we'd had a previous conversation about making buttermilk pie.) I dared a taste, and it was absolutely delicious.

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Renee, that's funny because when I went to the cheese making class a few months ago we also made butter. The whey from the milk after butter is made is, of course, buttermilk.

Elery loves buttermilk, so I took some home to him. He didn't like it at all, it turns out he likes the commercially cultured buttermilk.

It's hard to tell whether that's spoiled or not, LOL, because like Alexa I think it tastes bad from the start. It's sure great for biscuits, though. And I do know that commercial buttermilk lasts far beyond the sell by date.


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Fori is not pleased

I agree--isn't it bad by definition? =)

Good to know it's freezable though. We don't (absolutely WON'T) drink it but it IS nice in baked goods!

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Thanks, everyone.

My husband does like to drink it. I donÂt think it tastes bad exactly but I wouldnÂt ask for a glassful. I canÂt ask him to taste it. He is convinced that something is spoiled practically the day after it is opened. This from the guy who likes strong yogurt.

We had a long discussion when my brother-in-law visited (first visit to the US from Iran), about cultured milk products. There everyone eats yogurt, everyday, almost at every meal, or yogurt cheese. While he was here he got to try sour cream and buttermilk, and many other kinds of cheeses. We actually took him to a cheese factory in Wisconsin. Then of course we had to make recipes featuring these items. Blue cheese was his absolute favorite. We ended up eating it almost daily. He was really mystified by buttermilk. We tried to explain what is was supposed to be, then what it ISÂit got really confusing. I wish there were not so many additives added to it.

Now anyone have any tips in freezing it? I thought IÂd measure out ½ amounts, which is the amount most of my scone recipes call for, pour into a baggie inside a glass, seal, then freeze. Is there a better way?

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Don't know what to say, Annie. I didn't think I'd like it either. Still don't think it would ever be something I'd hanker after, but it was OK. Made a good pie. :)

Linnea: Additives? The carton in my fridge reads: Cultured skim milk, milk, cream, salt.

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I've had some with carageenan added. It's a thickener. Like is often added to commercial egg nog.

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I just checked the carton in question. Sell by date is Nov 18. It was opened and part used on maybe Nov 8. I had put a clip on it to keep it tightly closed and put it in the back of the refrigerator.

My husband almost threw it out last night!!! Gasp! He rolled his eyes when I said I was keeping it. This morning I poured some out and tasted it. Perfectly good. So this is one MONTH after opening, and it was just fine. There was enough for 3 ½ cup amounts in baggies, for the freezer. Now all I have to do is remember that I already have it.

RE: additives. This one (DeanÂs) does not have carageenan, but does have sodium citrate, salt, (why?) and Vitamin D. The sodium citrate must be a preservative.

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