PE supply line

kaffineJuly 26, 2013

I am planning on replacing my main water line from the street to the house and the outdoor distribution lines to the garage and irrigation systems.

It is a 500 foot run from the street to the house. I am looking at using 1.5" or 2" from the street to near the house and then branching off from there to the house, garage and irrigation using 1" lines.

Does the PE pipe and fittings have to be the same brand like PEX? Is there a preferred brand or brands to stay away from with PE pipe and fittings? Is CTS or IP size preferred?

Thank you.

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All the black poly I have ever seen is universally interchangeable. I would choose one of the higher pressure ratings-- which will cost more.

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Thank you. I plan on using 200psi rated PE. My water pressure at the street is a bit over 90psi.

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