What Does 'Preheat' Do??

jackiemcgDecember 15, 2008

Okay, I know this is a very silly question, but can someone tell me the difference between the "Preheat" button on my oven and just simply pressing "Bake" and the desired temperature.

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Donno....read the directions.
Linda C

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lindac - I did read the directions. There is nothing that explains the difference that is why I was hoping someone who did know could shed some light.

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I have heard of ovens having a preheat mode which uses intense heat to bring the oven up to temp. If you are baking something that is sensitive to a solid preheat before you throw it in, then you use this mode to get the oven hot quickly. If you're cooking something like a roast which you are likely to throw in before the oven before it is fully preheated, the intense heat might sear the outside during preheat, and have an adverse affect.

What oven do you own? I find it strange that a mfr would go through the hoops to include this mode in their product but not in their manual.

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A preheat button is new to me.....not that I've had a lot of new ranges or ovens over the years. The one in the kitchen does a preheat thing when first turned on and then the light goes out on the panel telling me that it's done. The free standing one I have in my garage as a second/backup beeps when it comes to temp. Do you have to push or select another option after it's preheated? Make and model number might help too.


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Is your oven convection? I ask because I use convection (fan circulating air) to preheat my oven, since it brings the temperature up much faster than the ''bake'' mode. When my oven is on ''bake'', the fan shuts off, and only the top/bottom elements are working, which is good for baking cheesecake, chiffon cake or making certain kinds of pies.

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I think Claire has it right. My oven has a "fast preheat" that automatically uses the convection fan to get the oven up to temperature more quickly regardless of cooking mode (bake, roast, etc.) When it reaches the right temperature, the fan automatically turns off if I didn't choose one of the convection modes.

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My oven has a 'fast preheat' that can be selected after selecting your mode of cooking (bake, roast, convection bake, etc). It does just that, quickly heats the oven to the preselected temp, then the reading switches from 'preheat' to whatever mode selected. It automatically switches mode, I don't do anything after the initial programming.

The manual reads "FAST PREHEAT can be used to preheat the oven faster".

It's a Thermador I've had for about 1-1/2 years.

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It is an Elcotrolux wall oven (I do not remember the model number but I only have it about 5 months). It does have convection but that is a separate function from preheat. When I am baking something I select "preheat" and after it reaches the desired temp the oven beeps and it automatically switches to bake mode. The only distinction I see in the manual is when preheating I am supposed to wait for the oven to beep before I put the food in while in regular bake (or convection mode) I should place the food in first (although it beeps when it reaches the desired temp anyway). Maybe it is just a faster way to get the oven up to temp. I am going to call Electrolux to see if they can add anything. Thanks so much for all the feedback. Hopefully I will learn how to use this oven before I need a new one LOL. Jackie

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Electrolux... Below is what instruction manual of their Icon wall oven says:

The Preheat feature will bring the oven up to temperature faster than a regular preheat and then
indicate when to place the food in the oven. Preheating is not necessary when roasting or cooking
casseroles. The oven can be programmed to preheat at any temperature between 170°F to 550°F
with some of the cooking modes; Bake, Convection Bake and Convection Roast.
IMPORTANT: The rapid preheat feature is for single rack ONLY. The heat distribution with
multiple rack will be uneven.
To set a rapid preheat (example is for a 350°F Bake):
1. Select oven by pressing either UPPER OVEN UPPER
2. Press BAKE .
3. Press COOK OPTIONS . The cook options items will light up.
5. Press START to begin the baking with the rapid preheat feature enabled.
6. Place food in the oven when the chime signals and PRE-HEATING message disappears
indicating that the oven has reached the set target temperature.

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I don't have a preheat function button..and I've tried using the convection setting to get to my temp..but I didn't really notice "minutes" saved using it..so I just hit bake, punch in the temp...and wait for the beep..

That's kind of a cool option to have that Foodonastump found.

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foodonastump - Thank you so much for that info. That is not in my manual. It definitely does not say anything about single rack only when using "preheat". I guess my oven is a little different because mine automatically goes to Bake after the preheat is complete and does not allow me to choose any other cook option.

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I have a double oven range and the bottom (larger) oven has a preheat feature. It puts the broiler element on with the bottom element in the preheat mode to heat it up faster. By using the normal setting, it simply uses the bottom element so it takes longer to heat up. I haven't used that oven for years. I use the top (smaller) one. Easier on the back and easier to see in it on how things are doing. Plus I don't make 30# turkeys so I don't need the size.

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