petra_gwOctober 28, 2010

Any updates on the 2 neighbor dogs? I still think about what you wrote and am really hoping you were able to help them. Please update when you can!!

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Saturday we gave up and called the Police because we could not get an answer from the Sheriff. The neighbors left before the police arrived. We was outside working when he came and he drove out to our house. We explained everything and he got buckets of water from our house and took to the dogs. He saw that both dogs had no water at all. We told him that we knew it had been two days at least that they had no water and they did not get fed every day. Strange but when he took the water to them they didn't seem to want very much water. I didn't know what to think about that. I wondered if the dogs didn't want to take from a stranger. He said he would come back that same night and bring them some food. He was contacting the animal control. Since then we have not seen any change in anything. It was close to 35 degrees when we got up this morning. I feel like they will not do anything else.

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I know this is agony for you. Since you haven't seen any changes since Saturday, I'd suggest calling animal control yourself to see if they got the report. Did you get the officer's name & contact info? Did he return with food for the dogs?
If animal control hasn't heard from him then file your complaint directly with them. You don't have to go thru the Sheriff/Police to reach AC but it helps that they've been out.

You should have seen changes in the care of the dogs by now if AC paid them a visit this week, especially with cold weather setting in.
It's possible they're shorthanded, so it may be up to you to do the followup and make more phone calls.

The dogs not drinking a lot of water isn't surprising when it's that cold and their body is trying to stay warm.

Bless you for taking action!

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Thanks for updating, Boots. It sounds like the policeman did not call anyone, did he come back with food? Have the neighbors returned? I am so sorry for these poor dogs, and for you too. You are trying so hard to help them and no one seems to want to assist. Have you given any thought to contacting some of the place I posted in the other list? Maybe one of them would be able to do something about this sad situation.

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I think you need to contact someone on the list that Petra gave you or else some day you will see dead dogs. Obviously it's not a high priority for anyone down there but you.

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I'm so upset. I took them some food and found the mom has had her pups and from what I could see it looks like at least one of them is dead. This is so heart breaking. I didn't know she'd had her pups. They are in one of those igloo dog houses and the door to it is turned where all the wind is carried into it. It was so cold last night and part of today. I feel like it froze to death. The people didn't have anything warm for them to lay on. I feel so sorry for them. I can't keep back the tears. We have been trying to contact some of the links you gave us petra but with no luck. They would give us numbers and it would be disconnected. The police said the animal control was the person to take care of this. I called the Sherrif and they said there was no animal control here. Said to call the humane society and I told her I found none and she said they didn't have an office and gave me a womans name and phone number and I called her and she took me serious, finally. She said she would be getting someone to come with her and would be coming now. Thank God. I was almost crying to her. Where we live no one cares enough to do anything even the officals, I feel like, anyway. It seems that way. I hope and pray we will all be ok from this.

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boots, I replied on your other post, I am crossing fingers and toes that the dogs and you finally got some help!!

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