Help identify old style bathroom faucet (all pipes come out)

tntomekJuly 5, 2011

My condo was built in 1987 and I can't for life of me find replacement fixtures. My tub/shower has the following:

1 hot/1 cold pipe coming out. These are attached to the typical tub knobs but they are connected, there is a central shower pipe that goes back into the wall (and comes out on top shower head). This pipe is dead center in between the 2 knobs and its fixed. This is different because typically what I see is that the shower/tub switch is somewhere inside the wall but mine is external on the faucet and then it goes back into wall.

Now typically these would have a free hose type shower where the water is diverted at the bath faucet but mine is hard wired to go straight back into the wall. Is there any hope in finding replacement hardware or do I need to re-plumb my bathroom? Any places online that might sell this hardware? What's it called? And I'm not interested in repairing seals, this hardware is plain ugly.

Thank you for help

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