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petra_gwOctober 11, 2010

Biwako, I came across this post on Amazon while researching Epakitin and Azodyl, thought it might be of interest to you!

5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely saw improvement... Give it a try.... A+, November 4, 2008

By Laurie (Raleigh, NC) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Epakitin - 300 grams (Misc.)

I wrote a review on Epakatin and Azodyl but recently came across another product which I found was more successful than these products: Ubiquinol CoQ10. I am not recommending a brand because I want you to know that this submission is genuine.. I was so excited by my good news that I had to update my review and discuss my Ubiquinol CoQ10 experience (because I know you all have cats and dogs who you want to save/buy time)....

Folks: Ubiquinol CoQ10 was suggested to me by the Mrg of a vitamin store. I was formerly using Azodyl and Epakatin on my cat with good results. I use Ubiquinol CoQ10 myself because I have cardiomyopathy and tire easily. I took 500mg daily and noticed within weeks I was having more and more energy, my skin looked 10 years younger and my metabolism sped up a tiny bit. Coq10 strengthens the muscles of the heart (via the cells). Then I heard it could be used for renal failure in humans... I have a cat with the beginnings of renal failure so I spoke with my vet and told him I was putting my 14 pound cat on it. My vet had the old bloodwork so I followed up with him 1 month later and my cats creatine levels went down from 3.8 to 3.0!!!!!! I had my cat on 30mg of Ubiquinol Coq10. UBIQUINOL COQ10 IS INCREDIBLE. I AM NOT JOKING! PHOSPHORUS was also in check too! So much so that my Vet called me and wanted to know my dosage! He is now going to put his dogs and cats who have renal and heart problems on this. THIS IS INCREDIBLE NEWS AND I WANTED YOU ALL TO KNOW IT WAS UBIQUINOL COQ10 THAT DID THIS. I'm very pleased. I hope this buys you more time with your babies as it has for me... I hope this news blesses you...

Here is a link that might be useful: Review

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That's just what I needed to see. Thanks, Petra. So nice of you to think of me. I bought the gel capsules, as that was what was mentioned in the (human) research report I read first, so I'll have to see how many drops are in one capsule and calculate the dosage from that. Rosie detests the stuff, so I have to squirt it onto one of her front legs and she licks it off.

She's so light now. Used to be heavier than our male cat, who is now 19 years old and so inactive that he has gained a bit of weight. But Rosie is generally eating pretty well, in spite of occasional vomiting, so I am hoping we'll have her for some time yet.

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Biwako, our almost 17 year old has CRF, so thank you for posting the CoQ10 article. I didn't know about its use for kidney problems. I was researching Azodyl, which seems effective if you can find a supplier who will keep it cold while shipping, which seems to be a major hurdle.

Our kitty is also very thin. I ordered coq10 and also PetTinic to give him a little boost. He is still eating, but he eats a few bites, stops, then goes back later, and so on. I buy smaller cans so he can have fresh several times a day.

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I too am concerned with shipping and the method of delivery of Azodyl. My first shipment came during 80 degree weather and it was warm inside the container. I am though a firm believer in Probiotics. I had success with my cat by switching to human grade Probiotics at the local health store but I have to open the capsules and mix them food. fyi, Bonito flakes helped my cat's appetite.

As I take probiotics, I tried ingesting the Azodyl as a test. I did not have the same reaction and Azodyl gave me lots of gas.

I am also 100% sure that Anti-oxidants help quite a bit. My cat responded extremely well to

Ubiquinol (bought it at costco in liquid form because it tastes good, I also take it regularly) Important to note the distinction between COQ10 and Ubiquinol as for senior animals Ubiquinol is more easily absorbed.

Resverestrol in the form of Vivix. Also a liquid form, note that it can stain very easily

Vitamin E/Omega complex : Need a fat soluble anti-oxidant.

The portions givenare of course calculated for my animal.

NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: As cat owners we think that vomiting is natural but for a CRF animal vomiting can rob of all the electrolytes in the animal specifically potassium. Be sure to keep your cat free of fur and take fast action if the cat vomits.

Here is a link that might be useful: another forum with same topic

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