Water leaks from water heater flue

MyCatCydJuly 16, 2013

I found a large puddle in my kitchen this evening. Water was dripping from the flue atop my water heater. I thought the air conditioner line had split, but I disconnected it, and the problem persists. I read online about condensation in the flue, but the water heater has been off for two hours now. When I turn the water on, the drip returns. When I turn the water off, it stops. I can't figure out how water would be getting into the flue in the first place. Please help. No hot water or air conditioning until I get it fixed.

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For goodness sake turn the hvac back on,turning water on and off will not make the AC pee. You have a pin hole in the flue running from burner to flue pipe near the top of heater spraying mist upward into flue pipe. Time to replace the heater.

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