How do I add a 'T' connection to water meter?

steve340July 23, 2012

I am installing a hose hydrant by my detached garage and have the water line ran to my water meter. I assume that there is metal pipe going to the house. How do I add a "T" to it? I installed 3/4" black poly pipe to the hose bib out by the garage. Do I cut the metal pipe? How do I get a good leak free connection?

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Sophie Wheeler

You haven't dug out next to the meter to find the line going to the house? You need to do that and find out what material they used. Dig extra deep, because when you cut the line, you'll have plenty of flow to fill it up. You do have a "key" to shut off the main's water, right?

You will also need to install a backflow preventer on your exterior hydrant to keep from contaminating your home's water.

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It doesn't matter what kind of pipe they used, installing a tap on the house service line is code prohibited.

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All the sprinkler systems in my neighborhood are hooked up to the main line after the meter.

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Sophie Wheeler

That's how they are all done in my area too. As long as a backflow preventer is in place, I don't see the issue here. What's the reasoning behind that? And what code prohibits that?

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Per code the curb stop valve is the official demarcation between the municipal suppliers lines and the homeowners lines.

The line from the curbstop to the "Main Water Shutoff Valve" at the structure is defined as the "Supply line".

The Main Water Shutoff Valve is the official point of demarcation between the supply line and the distribution lines and the main water shutoff valve MUST Be capable of shutting off the flow to all loads including irrigation.

The queston then becomes, where is the Main Water Shutoff Valve located?

If the house has a basement the water Service Line will normally enter the basement through the footer wall and the Main Water Shutoff valve will be placed within 3ft of the entry point (some codes allow 6ft).

If the house is built on slab or raised foundation in a cold climate the Service line will pass through the footer then stub up into a utility room within the structure.

If the house is on a slab or raised foundation in a warm climate where freezing is not an issue the Main Water Shutoff valve may be installed below grade on the outside orf the structure within 3ft of the point where the line enters the footer wall.

When connecting an irrigation system to the distribution system you are required to have a zone valve that will isolate the irrigation system, plus you are required to have a backflow preventer on the irrigation line and the irrigation line must rise vertical to a point that is a minimum of 6" higher than the elevation of the highest irrigation head and there must be an air gap on the top of the riser.

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