Will these 2 cats ever peacefully coexist in my home?

phish_gwOctober 15, 2011

I have 2 new boy kitty brothers from the humane society and a new girl stray cat in my house. I just got the girl about a month ago and already had the boys at that point. The boys play and wrestle and roughhouse with each other a lot. One of the boys also tries to play with the stray girl. She hates it and totally growles and hisses at him. They fight/roughhouse a bit, but it seems to me that he thinks he is just playing but she is actually fighting and has hate in her heart. So now she is very angry and growly whenever he walks into the room. Often she runs away and hides under the bed and growles after one of their interactions. He doesn't seem stressed around her (again I think he just thinks this is how cats interact) but she is now usually stressed whenever he shows up.

I wonder if he will ever learn that she doesn't like to "play" the way his brother does?

I wonder if she will ever learn that he is only trying to play and engage her and doesn't mean to hurt her?

Do you think there is any hope that their relationship will improve and they will learn to get along better?

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I don't mean to hijack your post but I was just going to post, almost the exact thing....We just took in a female kitten, stray, and already have 2 older altered females...At first they tolerated her but now it's getting out of hand...She will not let them alone and it's turning into real aggression..I don't want the older girls to feel threatened but also need to put a stop to this "mean ness".... She's also gotten mean with us and will bite and scratch with vengance....Like you, will it ever end, is there anything I can do???? Will spaying settle her down? Help.....

Phish, let's hope we get some answers and we'll each have a peaceful households...

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I am in the same situation! What I am trying is Feliway, it was recommended by my vet and my boss (she owns a pet sitting service and I cat-sit for some of her clients) so I bought one yesterday.

No news yet how it is working, but my original three did not get along with Amy (you can see other posts by me on this forum about mama cat) and in the last day there were no fights per usual so it may be working! It is a pheromone plug in that has no scent to humans but it mimics the scent of orally marked territory (when cats rub the corner of their mouth on something, that is marking it) and it supposedly makes all the cats calmer and secure.

I will post back on how the Feliway is working, hopefully time and patience will help your kitties get along, I have yet to have that fail on me, but mine is sort of a different situation (Amy came as a pregnant stray and is missing her babies and feels unsecure now that she doesn't have her own room and has to be in "general population"!) so I don't know if it will be time, Feliway, or a combo of both. You can buy it at most pet stores, the link below is from the company and explains it in full.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Feliway

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integrated them too quickly. I phased them in together in about 2-3 weeks. They said it can take months for them to get along. But I wasn't able to separate them for months in the first place and I'm not sure how much good reseparating them would do at this point (not to mention it would still be logistically difficult to do, which is one of the many reasons I integrated them in the first place).

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That sounds like my older cats. I had a 16 yo male and 10 yo female who get along but she is definitely a prima dona. Last year I got a new 2 yo old male who is just a sweetheart and loves to play. New cat and 16 yo male got along right away but she hissed and growled at the new cat for a long time. She still doesn't like him but now tolerates him. He pretty much keeps his distance from her but occasionally tries to play with her and she still does not like it and hisses at him. Overall though I'd say they get along "peacefully".

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