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superpoutyduckMarch 3, 2013

I know some of you have purchased your Tapmasters through Conservastore; are they still in business? Their toll free number is disconnected, their "email us" link doesn't work, and their answering machine on their local line doesn't identify their company... Kinda concerning when wanting to place an order.

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Hmmm, the last email I have is 11/21, there were a couple per month before that. No mention of anything going on, just that they would be closed on Thanksgiving and some holiday tips. I had been waiting for a coupon, but forgot until this post .

Strange! Anyone else have info?

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Social media seems recent...

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Used their contact feature to ask about the emails, just got this back...

"You are kind to reach out. Just trying to simplify the biz a bit but we're still here
We'll gladly accept your call on our local 407 898 2284 anytime-will be suspending 800 since we find most people use cell phones now
Have suspended the auto emails since some complained but we'll be sending out some emails on "Being Green in Spring" soon

Thanks again for caring
General Manager"

I guess some people either don't understand that they will actually get emails when they sign up for the email newsletter, or are unfamiliar with the concept of "unsubscribe"! Looks like they are still around, let me know how you make out. I still might get a tapmaster if DH doesn't flip out over what I've already spent.

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I went ahead and placed an order. I think I do too much online shopping though, as I was able to guess a valid coupon code on the FIRST attempt; "save10" will do the trick :) Not sure why this code isn't found anywhere on the Internet, it definitely isn't single use.

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Love it! I guessed "sample" when ordering some tile samples somewhere and also hit gold! Price dropped drastically for the single tiles I was ordering since the per item "order packing fee" went away. Gotta love predictability.

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You can order tapmaster directly from the company. They have a toll free number and are very helpful. Mine arrived within a day or two. The company is in Calgary, Alberta.

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