smelly bathroom

jane__nyJuly 26, 2012

We just bought a house in Florida. Haven't moved in yet as it is being painted. I notice a smell, sort of like a sewer smell, in one of the bathrooms. I have checked all over the bathroom to see if anything was 'left behind' - nothing. It is clean.

It is a faint smell and wonder what could be causing it.



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If the home has been unoccupied, the trap in either the tub or sink could have dried out. That allows sewer gas to enter the home. Run some water to refill the traps and see if the smell goes away.

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My guess also. I don't know if you can rely on this as an absolute fix, but it may be all it is. I'd use a decent flashlight and look for water in the traps first (ie look down the sink/tub drain/shower drain and see if you can see water.)

It could also mean a leak in a drain or plumbing vent, but check the traps for water first.

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I agree, a dry trap is very likely. Less likely, but also possible, is a wax ring needing replacement.

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In addition it won't hurt to pour a little bit of bleach down the drains. Esp. for the lavatory, they can get cruddy just below the drain where it meets the overflow (but above the trap).

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Yes. Put water in all the traps.

But, also, is it a urine smell? And, were there little (or big) boys living there previously?

Sometimes little boys miss and when this happens frequently, it can seep down under the toilet/floor covering (what type of floor?) and saturate the floor boards. No easy fix for that (except replacing floor in the area).

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Thanks for the info. I have run the water in the shower, sink and toilet. The smell is faint and smells like a septic smell. No one is using that bathroom and I know the smell seems to be in the air.


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It could be a disconnected vent pipe joint inside the wall. I had that happen. The smell came out an electric plug receptacle. Hard to pin down the source. The joint was not glued during construction and 2-3 years later worked apart.

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