Leaking tub drain

alan_s_thefirstJuly 29, 2012

Been trying to solve a leaking tub drain for a while. Fortunately it's a very slow leak, and it's open underneath, so no harm done.

The persons who 'renovated' the bathroom previous were, well, idiots, so apart from all the other mistakes, there was no gasket between the tub and the ABS drain receiver or whatever you call it (the threaded part the drain screws down into.) It was a tight fit getting one in there but I managed it.

It doesn't line up all that well but I assume there's some wiggle room, after several attempts it's been leaking, so this time around I've used a lot more putty and actually saw a little excess come out around the chrome drain piece - I assume that's a good sign.

Looking underneath, it looks like a little has squeezed out between the tub and the rubber gasket, which I assume is not so good. It also looks as if the ABS part does not sit too parallel with the tub, since there seems a variation in gap between tub and ABS, so I wonder if it's possible or advisable to use two gaskets, or coat the one in silicone and let it cure before putting the putty on the drain part and tightening it up....

I need to get the ceiling underneath insulated and closed up so I want a few days to make sure things aren't leaking.

I suppose I may have to re-plumb the drain if I can't get it to work, and ensure things are lined up a little better. There are a few couplings used so it looks like they either had to re-do things, or it's the original pipe, rejigged for a new bath. I discovered the whole slow leak issue when I accidentally found one joint was had no cement.

Any tricks for getting this to work as-is would be appreciated.

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When following an unhandy DIYer, I find that it's generally best to replace the mis-installed components. It ends up being cheaper and faster.

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Randy, you're right. Unfortunately it would involve a fair bit of work since there's no pipe left to work with in some parts, owing to the couplings.

Good news is the leaks appear to have stopped. I didn't realise how important the putty around to drain is. I used quite a lot, and that part's good. I removed the taps and caulked around the pipe openings (why wouldn't you do that in the first place?) and the tap body and overflow body and gasket...

So I'll give it a few days and we'll see.

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