Need help accessing my shower valve

alwaysanokieJune 22, 2013

Hi, friends. First-timer here. I'd like to replace my shower valve, but I can't even get to it! The fixture is a Moen, likely seven or eight years old. Single handle turns it on, makes it hotter, turns it off. I got as far as pulling the decorative screw covering off and unscrewing the handle. Now there is some type of metal sleeve that is blocking my entry to the valve housing. I attached a photo, which I hope is visible. It is the round contraption on the right side of the screen. I had already removed the handle. It's that thingie on the right that won't budge. I showed the box-store guy, and he seemed to think gunk had built up and I needed to wiggle it up and down as hard as possible. Other than sore fingers and arms, no results.
One last thing: When I put it back together and took a shower, I heard water hammer when I shut the shower off, which I had never heard before. Did i cause more damage before from when I started? I thought I was cool doing the "hard" part, the valve, but maybe not!

Thanks in advance. You guys have a terrific forum here.


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double post

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That's part of the handle. Did you remove the screw that holds it in place? It's under the end cap (pry it out gently with a utility knife (protecting your eyes just in case the tip breaks off). Or it can be located on the underside, which would be loosened with a hex wrench)

Then it should pull off. After that, pull out the colllar (cylinder piece). It's usually not necessary to remove the trim plate to replace the cartridge..

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