Cleaning black granite without streaks?

nomorebluekitchenMarch 5, 2010

My friend who is doing her kitchen just put in black granite (Black Pearl, I think). She said no matter what she cleans it with, she sees smudges and streaks.

I have soapstone so I can't help her.

Any advice?


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I have absolute black (polished) and I use Method brand granite cleaner- I think at one point it was target's brand but we got it at home depot. I love it and have had no streaking.. It streaks at first but I use a cloth (similar to those used at car washes) and kind of buff it in after I spray it onto the countertops.
Hope that helps!

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make sure you are using a micro fiber cloth. Alcohol , 50/50 mix with micro fiber cloth also works great, I have Uba Tuba, also very dark.

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I have absolute black polished and I use the Dupont granite wipes. They dry with no streaks. Love them.

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I use Perfect Kitchen (from BB&B)--got it to clean the top of my range, it says "great on granite" on the bottle, so I tried it. It works well (residue-free), so I saw no need to try Perfect Granite (costs a little more, and who needs yet another spray bottle to store anyway.

My table top granite is a bit fussier than the rest of it (it's all the same granite, but the tabletop was re-polished at the fabricator's prior to install to remove a scratch, so it's a little shinier and therefore more prone to smearing when cleaning). To avoid smears, I make sure to spray and wipe the tabletop down first, when the microfiber is driest, and then spray/wipe the rest of the counters.

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I bought Method granite cleaner because of multiple recommendations and it leaves a residue and almost a greasy feel??!....(I might not be buffing enough however). So I use Method or 409 granite cleaner anyway to at least get /food and spills up and THEN wipe it down/rinse with water, then wipe with a normal dishtowel. My polished black galaxy /counters look lovely and shiny after that.

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I also use 50/50 rubbing alcohol/water in a spray bottle, and a microfibre cloth on my very, very dark brown counter.

No streaks and no smudges, and it's cheaper than any commercial product out there.

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I also use a 50/50 alcohol and water mix (with some essential oil to offset the medicinal smell - thanks Boxerpups!) but I find that if I just apply the mixture and wipe with a paper towel or microfiber cloth, I have streaks. I have to spray, wipe with a paper towel, and then dry very well with another paper towel. No streaks that way. My granite really needs a lot of attention, but I love it anyway!

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Have you seen the "Best Way to Clean" thread? It mentions a key point to getting a "streak-free" look...wipe dry in circles (with a microfiber cloth).

I have Absolute Black Premium polished granite and mine is always streak-free when I wipe dry in circles.

I also use Method when I want a "perfect" look and really like it.

[BTW...I'm still looking for input on that thread!]

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: The best way to clean....

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... leaves a residue and almost a greasy feel...

I've never had a residue or "greasy" feel when using Method...I'm not sure why you do. I don't always wipe it completely dry either.

I also use the Dupont wipes in our PR and it no streaks there either.

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I have black pearl on the perimeter runs. I use Method too. I think the keys are the microfiber wipe and using a circular motion.

The Method granite cleaner and stainless cleaner list the same ingredients in the same order!

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Yes.. I have to agree.. The circular motion is the trick.. i am really happy with the method. We bought a huge package of microfiber clothes at HD and they work great.

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