Metal shower hose that lasts?

Greg__RJune 23, 2012

Has anyone found a metal-clad shower hose that lasts? We have one on our clawfoot tub that leaks and needs replacing every 2 years or so. We've replaced it twice: once with Grohe and once with Delta. Is this just something that's going to break or does someone sell one that actually lasts?

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You've replaced it with two of the better manufacturers of hand-held sprayers. Another manufacturer we use for Clawfoot tub faucet hardware is Sign of the Crab. High end stuff out of California- but to be perfectly honest, I don't know if you're going to get any better performance from their hose either. The problem lies with hoses that get wear in the same areas tend to separate in those same spots each time. I've got a few customers that replace their hoses on their handhelds at about the same rate. I will say you might contact Grohe if they were the last hose you bought, send a picture and ask if there is anything they will be willing to do for you on it. Grohe has been fantastic to some of my customers on certain faucets that had a piece break and took care of it free of charge in certain cases. It's worth a shot. If your last purchase was Delta, maybe do the Grohe this time and keep that in mind. It might be worth the price difference you'll pay between the two. Good luck! =-)

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