Complementary colors for adjacent rooms - one red other gold

purplekrayonMarch 27, 2009

We are painting trying to find a complimentary color for our light cherry dining set, gold (bungalow gold lowes)kitchen/family and red (tibetan red lowes) lounge. We were originally thing a rich brown, but orange/browns blend into our dining furniture and tan browns look muted against the furniture. Now I am thinking an olive green or sage green. Husband thinks that it will not flow w/ gold and red. Any suggestions and/or rich greens that might work. Would love to post pics but not sure how.

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beachlily z9a

What about a teal or peacock?

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(Where is this color going anyway?)

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the color would go in the foyer, living/dining room, up the stairwell and in the loft. (There is no real ceiling break any where.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

The greens that lean more toward the yellow side of the spectrum should go very well with gold and red (provided the red doesn't have too many blue tones).. Since you're painting over such a large area, I'd be inclined to try a green in a muted tone so that you're not too limited in your choice of furniture, art and accessories. Of course, if you love bright wall colors everywhere, then you need to take that into consideration. My dining room is terra cotta red and another room is a soft green, but the remainder of the house is a cream color. I'm breaking out of that mold somewhat now by painting two of the living room walls on either side of the fireplace a soft brownish gray to highlight the fireplace and a large painting. But that's probably as colorful as my house is going to get. I wonder if a very soft and light gray that has a warm tint to it might not also look good with the red and gold, and would be an elegant color.

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BM Olive Branch?????

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This is just my closet, but the fixtures(?) are cherry...I used BM Louisburg Green. My dining room is red and the rest of my downstairs was a sage green...both rooms had a gold ceiling.

I picked up a card at SW last week that was a pretty strong gold/butterscotch that had complimentary colors listed on the back. The other two colors were antique dk. red and a rich chocolate I think if your dining furniture is light enough either an olive or brown could work. You're on the right track, at least in IMHO ;)

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Do you know the name of the chocolate brown? My husband is leaning in that direction. I am leaning toward a brown with greenish undertones. How do I post pics?

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I figured it out. Here are pics

China with test paint and gold color of kitchen

test paint next to hutch

Red room in back

the orange brown SW antiquarian brown matches the hutch
lighter brown Lowes hot chocolate looks too dull
as does the suaded leather as looked dull.

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Disclaimer: In real life our colors are not this bright.

We've used gold, red and sage green (Olive Branch by BM) throughout our home and in this photo you can see all 3 colors from the breakfast area. Works for us.

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In our home we used SW Chamois in the DR, SW Red Bay in the office, SW REstrained gold in the foyer, hallways and other public areas and either SW Burlap or Harmonic Tan in the Kitchen/breakfast area. All of the rooms flow together pretty well.

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monablair - I love those colors together and how you can see all three through the doorways. What a beautiful home.

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Our LR (pic below) is BM Pine Grove, a deep brownish green, and the adjacent kitchen is F&B Sudbury Yellow with a large hutch painted in C2 Fez (rusty red). Both rooms are wide open to each other, and both have a lot of warm colored red accents (i.e. no blue reds).

Good luck-


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i found the card from is 7521 Dormer Brown. If I remember correctly it was def a deep chocolate brown, much darker than the samples in your pic. Good Luck!!!

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Although I do think the olive would go better with your dining room furniture!! Maybe try the BM Louisburg's another pic with my gold and red curtains, it's the color on the fireplace wall.

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