Copper sulfate--attractive to dogs?

iowariverOctober 17, 2012

Hi. Someone put a large amount of what so far seems to be granular copper sulfate (tree root remover for sewer lines) around a small tree in my fenced yard for the dog.

I've read about it and it is toxic to dogs, but I can't seem to find anything to indicate if it is attractive to dogs for ingestion, like many other chemicals and pesticides. Holding it to the dog's nose briefly, it seemed to be.

We removed the stuff before anything got into it and tests are ongoing to identify it succinctly.


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Whether a dog eats it or not depends on the dog but in general I don't think dogs would be drawn to it.

I would worry more about skin contact or granules that got on your dog's paws and were then licked off.

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To annz:

Thanks for the tip. I should have thought of it. My dogs and a sheep show interest when they smell a sample in a jar. Cats seem repelled. I was very careful, of course.

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