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rwhirleyMarch 1, 2014

I need help!! I need to turn my spare room into a guest room ASAP. I will be having someone live with me for quite a while. The room is VERY VERY small. Maybe 100 square feet. I don't mind the tininess of the room but the way the room is laid out is horrible. Ok so one wall has a window placed not even centered. Its off to the left but that gives me room to place the full size bed I have to the right of it against the wall. Would placing a night stand in front of the window look weird?
Another wall is mainly taken up by a double door closet so I have very little room to place things on either side. I was going to put a media stand in the corner where the tall dresser is then put the dresser where the lamp is. Where the rockband equipment is I was going to put a cheval mirror. Would that look good? I have been trying to figure out what to do with this room for over 2 years. Please help

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i cant figure out how to add multiple pics so here is another

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can you post pics from all angles?

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last picture

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Oh! There it is! Thanks.

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First, I'd remove the bed frame. It takes up space unnecessarily.

If you turn the bed so the head of the bed is on the wall across from the closet, is there room to open the door?

Fine to put a beside table in front of a window. Raise the blind to the bottom of the window, though.

If you can put shelving in 1/2 of the closet, so you have 1/2 long enough for hanging stuff and then shelving for folded stuff, removed the bureau altogether. you can also add shelving to the room for storage. The bureau is bulky and you need the space to open the drawers. With shelving, you don't have that issue, and you're using otherwise unused space pragmatically, i.e.: walls, which is important in a teeny room.

Put the TV either on an articulating arm on a wall, so you can pull it out when you want to watch it and push it back in when you don't or, if you do put shelves up on the wall, put the center two shelves apart enough to fit the TV on the lower shelf, then add two shorter shelves on either side of the TV for more clothing storage.

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That is funny that you mention to place the bed across from the closet. I had it there and it took up way to much room. I literally just moved it prior to posting. As far as the removing the frame, do you mean the headboard and such? Otherwise, the mattress and box spring would be on the floor. I don't know who decided on the measurements and stuff in this room but it is the worst room of the house. I have had one or more issues in other rooms but this one seems to take the cake. I guess I am trying to make the room look "full". Like I said Ive been trying to figure this out for over 2 years. Very frustrating. Thank you!!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would look for a small desk to put in front of the window so it would do double duty as a desk with a chair for the room and as a night stand with a lamp. If you have one with drawers all the way down on either side, it adds storage.

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rwhirley, yes, I meant just the headboard and footboard of the bed. if you can't use just the carrying frame of the bed, just get one of those metal bed frames that used to come standard with a mattress set when you bought one. If you do go that route, I recommend getting a frame with a middle bar and foot in the center.

The reasons I suggested turning the bed back to its original position were because I think facing a blank wall and door is not psychologically comfortable, whereas the other way you at least get to look at the window. Also, as the bed is now, making it will be a pain in the u-know-what. That's also, though, why I asked if there is room to open the door if it's in the other position or is it also up against the wall where the window is?

Also, you can attach small shelves to the wall to use in lieu of bedside tables. Add a couple of sconces on either side of the bed for lighting, or just get a slim desk lamp to attach to the bedside shelf or table.

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This room is not as bad as you think! First off. it has room for a double bed. I wouldn't remove the headboard. I don't think you would gain enough, and it gives the bed a nice finished look.

The closet looks like a nice size. I agree with Tribbix. The key here would be to go to The Container Store and pick out shelving to maximize it's usage. It already is bifold so that is a huge plus in using every inch.

I would ask the person who is going to live with you, what are his/hers needs? We had limited space in our country home. I would show the rooms available and it always surprised me how families decided to use the rooms.

Annie mentioned a desk, but I don't think desks are used like they once were. Now with laptops and iPads, you no longer have to be tethered to a desk. But on the other hand, a workspace for paperwork might be needed.

Young men, or men in general don't have as many clothes as a woman would. Also since this is temporary, they would be bringing only what they need perhaps, not their entire wardrobe.

Do the instruments stay? If not, a small but comfy chair would be nice in there. For reading, watching the TV or just throwing clothes on.

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I agree with ellendi. Looking at it further, it's a very narrow bed frame, so removing it isn't going to give you any more space. Keep it. It is actually needed in such a small room where it gives the room some decor where there is little room for it.

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Building on Ellendi's idea of a chair in that corner, how about something like this. It can be sat on, but also adds more storage.
From Kmart:

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Think in terms of the fact that you've got more wall area in there than floor area. Use the space you have! Shelving is what will work in that room.

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Just an idea.....are you expecting only one person to be staying with you for awhile? I would invest in a twin bed and that would give you room for a chair, night tables, etc. You would only need the mattress and box springs and the wood legs that screw into the box spring frame. Or depending on the person, maybe get a nice futon which can make into a sofa....Something to think about.

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