OT: nearly finished master bath!

deedlesMarch 3, 2013

I was just going to post a pic of our 1.00 barn sale vintage light in our bathroom, but it looks so pretty in there that I kept on taking pictures. DH worked like a dog to make my bathroom design come true and I'm so happy with it. Still need the door/window trim, my shower curtain and window treatments and the antique cupboard but I hope you don't mind some OT almost finished pics.

The light:

Shower/tub and 'throne room':


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As I was scrolling down I was thinking "about that bathroom with the cool pebble ribbon in the floor"...and there it is! Also love, love, love the wallpaper.


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I just love the river in the floor!

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Wow, just gorgeous! Your DH is a keeper.

Can you please tell me the source of the wallpaper behind your "throne"? It's exactly what I've been looking for for an accent wall in my powder room, and I've been web-surfing for hours without finding something like it.

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OMG, I so love that wallpaper! What a perfect match for your floor. What a great project. Kudos to you and your DH!

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Love the floor but first catch of the eye was the tile in the shower - love that too! Very nice deedles.

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Gotta love the chandelier in the "throne room" :)

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It is perfect. I love the river floor that your DH sweated over. I can't believe you got that light for $1. It is perfect. I want to know where you got the bird hook towel rack. And I am mad at you for not giving me a close up of the bird tiles in the shower- please.

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Wow, nice! How did you do the pebble floor was it pro installed or DIY? Do you mind sharing a little "how to"?

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Thanks all for the nice comments!

Sharonite: the paper is "Woods" by Cole & Son. Say, PM me... If you are interested in this exact colorway, I have almost a full roll left over, if your wall isn't too big.
Localeater: Re: the light. Actually, we got this one and 4 smaller ones for a buck each. No fixtures but... the old guy that sold them to us thought they were in a bank or office building. They look to be 30s era, to my eye at least. We've been storing them for like 12 years with no idea as to why... til now. Hope to use some of the others in the kitchen.

Here is the link to the bird wall hook. Overstock, in their Worldstock department. It's adorable. And here are some closeups of the tile:

Tinan: my DH did the whole thing. Do you mean my side of the 'how to" or his, lol. Mine involved picking out the designs elements and then being r..e..a..l..l..y patient. I don't know as for the floor, we ordered the pebbles from Stratastones. He set them in the usual morter bed BUT he had to set about half of them one by one for the design and also so as not to have a visible 'join' between the sheets of tiles. I drew the river design and he transferred it to a grid on paper and went foot by foot following that. We (by we I mean him) used 3 coats of sealer over top, one before the grout and 2 after.

Oh yeah, the chandelier in the throne room was a dumpster find (about 20 years ago)... including the crystals.

Here is a link that might be useful: bird hook wall thingee

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What an absolutely charming bath. So many authentic touches..unique in a delightful way. The bird theme is wonderful. The river tile is exceptional..your DH is a talent but your design is stunning. Congratulations. c

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This is just NICE. I smiled wider and wider as I scrolled down.
What a rich visual pleasure.
Thank you for sharing, even if it is OT to the world of the TKOs.
(OMG. I am thinking in ABCs.)

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Shame on you, Deedles, posting your beautiful bathroom over here in Kitchens! Fortunately, I lurk over here too or I would have missed it...lol. It's so charming and beautifully done. All of the details are each thoughtful and go with your theme, without looking too cute. I'll bet you smile every time you are in the room.

Now, be a good girl and post this over in Baths too for the TBO there. (Although I'm not sure that being bathroom-obsessed is a good thing!)

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treasuretheday: :) I was waiting to post it there when it's all done and decorated and it can be a 'final reveal'. This is just a sneak peak for my kitchen peeps...

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That is beautiful Deedles! I love everything!!!

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Another great Deedles bathroom! That wallpaper is my favorite element. I've always wanted a cute powder room to use some cool paper, but now you've got me thinking of the possibilities in the hall bath--the one room we didn't reno with the rest of the house. Thanks for the pattern info!

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Deedles thanks for posting the hook information and the tile closeups. The tile is just lovely. You must love your new bath!

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Localeater: I do! I feel like I'm in a spa or something. I've never had such a nice bathroom in my whole life. the Hansgrohe shower fittings are really nice, too. And the Kohler tub drain has a pop-up plug.. you just step on it and it opens and step on it and it closes. Who knew! If you want to clean it out, it unscrews so the days of the gross hair and yuk brass junk in the drain hole are over. I didn't even realize that till the other day so that was a nice bonus surprise.

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Love the river of stones on the floor. Just perfect.

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Deedles - I am back at the ranch and can now see the pictures instead of squinting on my phone.
Great job with the bathroom and keeping costs downs.
Love your WC throne! Where did you get that - in the US? I have only seen those in Europe.
I am just starting to lurk on baths - so glad I found you on kitchens.

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What a lovely and serene space! I love the river, woods and wildlife in your private sanctuary.

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a2: got the throne on renovators supply. DH had to replace the internals as he felt they were a bit on the cheap side. Oh oh, do you have a bathroom to remodel soon? Fun, fun!

kaysd: thank you!

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Gorgeous! LOVE, love, love the tiles in the tub alcove! I think I am going very plain limestone-looking tiles in my shower, and wanted to add some interest...now you've got me thinking totally out of the box! Mmmm....

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