Sillicone Rolling Pin?

dancingqueengwDecember 11, 2011

I am wondering if these are worth it? I made pies for the first time at Thanksgiving and it was challenging to do the crust. Tasted fine but not the most pretty. I have an old wood pin - which is what I used. I'm thinking about a sillicone one and maybe the french type? Any feedback from others who have used both?

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I can't address the silicone factor, but I used the pin covers when making lefse and that really worked well for me. Heard others use them too with good results, just be sure to change it or wash it if you get some dough stuck on there or stuff will really stick.

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My rolling pin is so "seasoned" from rolling thousends of pies and acres of cookie dough over the past 55 years that nothing would dare stick.
Over the years people have made rolling pins from pottery, glass, porcelain aluminum and now silicone....but for pie crust I think wood is best.
I suggest you not blame your less than pretty crust on your rolling pin but rather on lack of experience.
The cure is simple....make more pies!
Linda C

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From what our customers are saying silicone starts out fine, but over time they also start to stick. I'm with Linda... wood is what I grab the most when rolling out pie dough. I also have a marble one that I stick in the fridge to get cold before rolling doughs(when I remember). Use ice water, cold butter/lard, etc., when making pie doughs. I even make our granite counters cold when rolling out doughs. Cheers to you for making your own pies for the first time! NancyLouise

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Make sure you get the French style, as it gives you more control, especially at the edges. Mine is maple, and I have not had a problem with dough sticking to it, but my pie dough of late has been a bit on the dry side. I think when the dough is really really cold it is less likely to stick. I do use Silpat for the bottom surface.


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Thanks for the feedback. I think I will keep trying with my classic wood rolling pin at least for awhile. I could get one of those fabric covers for a lot less than a new rolling pin. I did use cold ingredients and I put ice packs on my granite before I rolled out the dough in order to have that be cold as well. I am definitely lacking in technique but will make 3 to 4 pies for Christmas so that will be more practice! Thank you!

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Are you using the vodka recipe? And lightly flouring your work surface?
I don't like those pastry me they make the sticky worse.

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I did use the vodka recipe. I thought it worked pretty well. For the pie filling I used Gala, Haraldsons and McIntosh apples. The filling was excellent and was from this forum. It seemed like I had to use quite a bit of flour to prevent the dough from sticking but the crust was good - just rather thick and uneven. When I tried to get it more uniform it would tear so the bottoms were rather patched. That did not matter so much but I wanted the pretty top.

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You might try a different technique when rolling out your dough. In order to get it more even, give the dough a quarter turn each time you roll. That will also clue you in as to whether the dough is sticking to the surface/rolling pin. Flouring the dough lightly is fine while you're rolling it out. If you think it has too much flour at the end, just brush it off gently with a pastry brush.

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Is this cheating? I roll out pie dough between 2 pieces of plastic wrap. I find it much easier this way.

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