fruit flies in litter box & trying neem

reinaroelleOctober 10, 2007

Hello, IÂm new here. We just started WorldÂs Best Cat Litter & I do like it compared to the clay based. However, we have a major fruit fly problem. WeÂve had it before w/ clay litter but seem they are more drawn to the corn. I searched the posts in here on how to get rid of those flies, i.e. ACV, soap, water in a jar, which doesnÂt work. What I need help with is that they are in the used cat litter (the one we dump) AND in the litter boxes. I canÂt afford to clean the litter box often as WBCL, while good, is expensive for 5 cats. I prefer natural remedies. I have Neem oil & powder that works pretty well in the used but IÂd like to know if the powder is safe IN the litter box? I just never found an answer if itÂs okay in a litter box AND if it will kill the flies. As well as the ratio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, neem is used from anything to hair, acne, insecticide, flea control, safe, non-toxic for humans & pets. Not promoting these sites, just so people know what IÂm talking Âbout w/ Neem and


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Go get some diatomaceous earth from the garden center. Dont use DE for the pool, it contains extra chemicals you dont need. Get DE from the garden center and add a small amount to the cat box each week.

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I would be concerned about diatomaceous earth as the way it kills insects is with fine, sharp edges which desiccate the insects' exoskeleton upon contact and if any of the dust is injested, the sharp edges cause death. This is the reason why borac is not recommended when animals are present as they can injest the dust.

Neem also claims to ward off cancer and AIDs. I wouldn't use that.

I would not add anything to the cat litter box. You could easily end up hurting your cats.

The reason this is difficult for you is that you are resisting to do the obvious. Throw out the cat litter and clean that box with bleach. Switch to another brand of cat litter. If you have them in the litter box, they must be in other places in your house. You said you had them before. You have to clean up your house to get rid of them. You can also try some of those strips. But you can't just continue to leave the biggest attraction to them and expect them to go away. World's Best doesn't cost that much. I would dump it.

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I have never heard of fruit flies coming from the cat box.
You need to find the SOURCE of the fruit flies in your home in order to get rid of them.
Throw out all trash and look for any food that has been forgotten about. I once left a bag of potatos in my cabinet for a long time as I forgot they were there. We suddenly had a major fruit fly problem. Once we found what the source was (the potatos) they went away.

I think trying those sticky fly strips is a good idea. Fruit flies will get stuck on them easily.

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I never heard of it before either. I did a quick goggle on it and apparently it does happen. It is usually associated with dirty litterboxs and dampness. They claim fruit flies are not only attracted to rotting fruit and have been known to be attracted to dirty cat litter. The cat litter she is using is made from corn. That is probably an attraction. She said that she had them prior to switching to this litter. Regardless how it got started, they are in her house.

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Interesting.So then the corn litter probably isnt the cause since she had it before with the regular litter.
I think she should try the fly strips though.Hang them near the litter boxes. It should catch most of them and shouldnt harm the cats.

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What is a 'small amount' for DE? I have 3 litter boxes & 5 cats. Small amount meaning 2T in each box?
I've used Neem for awhile for various things & have used it to repel fleas.
Resisting to do the obvious? I've cleaned the cat boxes SEVERAL times. The flies come back once there is poop or pee in there. It's a food source which I know but I can't clean thoroughly the cat boxes every day! I need several inches of litter in there & cannot afford to replace it daily. I had the flies w/ clay & now w/ corn. I have cleaned up my house & have deterred them in other areas.
I won't use bleach as that is a toxin. I use natural remedies like Lavender to disinfect. For fly strips, I'll make my own. I am VERY big into natural, non-toxic solutions. Hence why I went from clay (which can be inhaled & licked & stays in the lungs) to corn which is near dust-free & all natural.
World's Best is VERY EXPENSIVE! It's near $1 a # & we have 5 cats. I can't 'just throw it out'.
Thank you anyways for the help.

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I use WBCL and haven't had problems with fruit flies being attracted to it at all, but I do scoop the box out every day (well, MOSTLY every day). But I have had problems with fruit flies in the kitchen! Set out several small bowls filled with a mixture of water, cidar vinegar and a little squeeze of dish soap. The little buggers will jump in a drown! In the meantime, find where they are breeding If they're really into your litter, you will have to dump all kitty litter, scrub and refill your boxes. Are there drains near the boxes? Fruit flies often breed in the pipes -- they can live off the scummy stuff lining your pipes forever! Pour a little ammonia in them and let it sit overnight. Do this for a few nights. Good luck!

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Check out this link it will explain how to use DE for certain problems as well as how much to use both externally and internally.

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Clean every drain in your house using either vinegar, ammonia or a mild bleach mixture. Better yet the foam drain cleaners stick to the sides of the drains slowly breaking down what they are attracted to that you may not reach with just a sprayer after doing this once maintain with the previously mentioned. Another option is to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar this will bubble the drains clean kind of fun to watch too. Do not forget your overflow drains I was amazed at how many bubbled out of one of my bathroom sinks. Your shower and bath overflow are important as well as under the rims of your toilets. The most important, the garbage disposer. I have been trying to make my husband understand the importance of the cat box being scooped daily he just rolls his eyes at me. I personally have developed allergies to the cats to the point that even vacuuming turns my face and neck all splotchy and irritated so I can not scoop the litter. I am tempted to buy those disposable surgical caps and dust mask and just do it myself. I did not realize how fast fly eggs can hatch until I read this.

The diatomacious earth is naturally occurring in a lot of clay based cat litters already. I know someone who uses it all over there ranch property to control flies. She also uses it internally to kill parasites.

Maybe the addition of baking soda would reduce the smell that attracts them. No doubt that being corn based is a possible attractant. Corn is also a good mold media as well which might further attract fungus gnats.

Good Luck,

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I would not put anything to kill bugs in their litter! That may have worse consequences than fruit flies! As many people here suggested, find the source of the problem.

In the meantime, dispose of the litter, clean the litterbox well and use regular non-clumping clay litter, and clean it out ever few days.

I have World's Best and do not have fruit flies in it!

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I would not use Neem oil since it can seriously irritate any creature who is allergic to it. If you don't want to use bleach to clean the boxes, I'd recommend baking soda or a solution of white vinegar.

You might want to protect yourself and your animals by thoroughly researching possible side effects of the herbal and "natural" alternatives. Many of the products rely on strong oils that can irritate eyes, lungs, and skin.

I would also be concerned because if your pet, or you, is allergic to any herbal or natural alternative, they can have a life-threatening reaction (see the comments on this forum about the flea remedy that was pyrethrin-based...caused near-fatal allergic reactions in dogs). Unfortunately, you only find out who's allergic until you've had, or your pet has had, a reaction...

I believe that the same material that is used for kitty litter is sold for use in machine and car repair shops to soak up oil and grease on floors. Maybe that's a possible source of cheaper, quality kitty litter....

Hope this helps.

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It's not the litter it's the feces. You may have to scoop immediately after every time a cat uses the box. It's a pain, but thats the only way they won't have a place to lay
eggs. I have had many types of litter and up to 9 cats at a time, every once in a while I will get the fruit flies, but it just takes vigilance for a couple days for them to die off. Good luck!!!!!

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"You might want to protect yourself and your animals by thoroughly researching possible side effects of the herbal and "natural" alternatives. Many of the products rely on strong oils that can irritate eyes, lungs, and skin."

Why talk like a monkey? Don't be so haughty. You put "natural" in quotes as if to make "natural" products suspect. And say "you might want to protect yourself and your animals," like this is something the other person doesn't care about, (despite posting in an internet forum asking about the product). Yes Anita you are the only brilliant person alive who cares to take care of themselves; meanwhile I'm sure you and your family eat plastic daily. Ooohh ooohhh ahhh ahhh. Me make fun of you oohh oooh ahhh ahh. im superior to you.

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Reinaroelle, you are NOT alone. I can tell you that I have NEVER had fruit flies in my litter, and just today as I was scooping, I couldn't believe my eyes. And, yes, just recently, about 3 bags ago, began using the world best (and almost the most expensive) cat litter. I have also these past two weeks been scooping more than usual (I went from a full time job to part time, so this is one of my goals to keep the litter clean). So, here I am, cleaning MORE than before, using this expensive cat litter, and for the first time I have fruit flies. something I NEVER had with the 30 cents a pound cheap clay litter. I am switching back.

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This is the first year I have ever had tiny flies in my litter as well. Some variable has changed. I know a lot of sites are calling them fruit flies, but immature stages I'm finding suggest some other type of tiny diptera like the small dung fly. The pupea I'm finding sure look like them.

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I doubt they're fruit flies but instead are pantry/flour moths. I had an outbreak of moths in a wheat based litter I bought for my cat but I've never seen them in Worlds Best.
The whole bag is infested so you won't be rid of them until you get rid of the bag. Other option is to bag up smaller amounts and either zap them in the microwave or put them in the freezer for a few days.

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