Kitchen faucet that will lock in spray mode?

burntfingersJune 16, 2013

This is across-post with one in the Kitchens forum because I'm not sure where it belongs....

I've realized that I like to keep my kitchen faucet in spray (rather than the normal aerated flow) mode, especially for prep work. I've been looking for a low-arc pullout faucet for the prep sink, but they all seem to revert to non-spray mode when you turn the water off. Since I've put in a tapmaster so it can be a hands-free operation, it seems it would defeat the purpose of having the tapmaster (i.e., being hands-free) if I'd have to push the button on the faucet spout to get back into spray mode every time I turned on the water.

Does anyone know of a faucet that I could put in spray mode and have it stay there? Or should I just try to find an old-style faucet and buy one of those adapter thingies that you screw on the end of the spout?


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