Kitchen Layout - What Do You Think?

psg007March 5, 2013

Hi. This isn't for an actual build, I just like messing around with layouts. I drew this up today, and was wondering whether you guys think it works well. Design is fluid, but dimensions of the whole space and doors/openings are fixed.

Overall, I love it, but I'm worried that the fridge is too far away from the sink and cooker. Maybe the sink could be moved onto the peninsula, next to the dishwasher? That would bring everything a bit closer together, and leave the counter space under the window as prep space, but I prefer to have the sink under the window. Ugh, what do you think?

I'd also like to add a TV somewhere, but don't know where - maybe in the corner top cabinet? Any comments welcome.

PS: Sorry about the bad quality image, I don't have a scanner so had to take a photo with my phone. Should be clear enough though. Thanks x

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I dont think the Location of the fridge is to far. It looks far on the plan but it is realy only 5 or 6 steps away. If anything i would move the pantry to the left of the fridge and put them right along side eachother which would open up the room significantly.

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Are you against islands for some reason? I would nix the peninsula and do an island with prep sink and seating. You have plenty of room for a 6' longx 40"ish wide island with 4' aisles all around. That will seat 3, or a cramped 4, if you do the seating overhang on the left and bottom sides. Prep sink goes towards bottom edge of island.

Your most used prep space is next to the sink but close to the range, so you are going to be prepping in the corner between sink and range while your scads of peninsula counter space go to waste. You don't even have room for the DW next to the sink and peninsulas generally invite people into the kitchen working area - and thus into your way - and then they don't leave. Also, your peninsula with seating is very close to the dining table. An island that has 24" cabinets plus 15-18" seating overhang that is placed 4' away from the range wall will give another 18" to that aisle.

pps7 has a very similar layout to what I suggested:

Here is a link that might be useful: pps7's finished kitchen thread

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What is the layout like now?

I agree with tracie.erin - an island would make much better use of your space. Since you aren't putting cabinets above the peninsula, you wouldn't be losing anything.

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Get the dw next to the sink. I would favor an island also.

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Hi. I must be tired, because I didn't even think of an island *facepalm* I think I initially went with a peninsula because it offered more seating, but now that I've redrawn it, the island opens up the space so much more, gave me loads more options. So, this is my redraw, with some additional features that I couldn't find space for before. Does this work better? Thanks x

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