water softner rookie fleck 7000sxt

s10sdevilleJune 17, 2013

Hey everybody my searching and reaserch for the past month has pretty much brought me to this forum and have learned alot already from it... Anyway so i just got a new water softner for my wife and i, everything is working great on it and plumbing it in went smooth. The questions i have are in the programming of it i could just leave it since it is working but i want to get the most efficiency and best use out of it.

So first things first its an envirotec es50h fleck 7000sxt http://www.envirotech2o.com/ws/index.html

1.56 cu ft of resin
50000 grains
Water hardness about 25 (was like 24.38999767)
Just the wife and me 1400sqft house 2 bathrooms and were both kinda water hogs :/
The regen cycle times are
B1 10:00
BD 60:00
B2 5:00
RR 10:00
BF 8 or 10 when i went to check i missed the begging of it lol
I have not changed any of the master settings except for the hardness level so if any of the water softner guru pros out there could help i would totally apreciate it. Oh and one other thing i was reading about the BLFC and the DLFC on the back of my unit there isvthe sticker but is is blank so im not sure about that... Anyway i hope someone can stear me in the right direction to get the most out of my system as i can and let me thank yall up front :) thanks

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