Backyard Potty issues ( from the skunk incident)

ladybugfruitOctober 13, 2010

So I posted a few weeks ago about my girls getting sprayed by a skunk while roaming the backyard at night and we have since started only taking them out on leashes at night in well light areas to pee. Here's my issue, my old girl refuses to pee in the backyard on a leash. We spent almost 45 minutes out one night and finally gave up. SO, she's been going at least 12 hours without peeing which concerns me. No accidents in the house. She knows the command to pee on leash. While we were waiting to move into our house this summer, we stayed at a budget suites and she had no problem peeing on command, on a schedule. To try and reinforce the "pee pee" command, I have been doing positive reinforcement on walks, treating her when she pees, also been trying to do that in the backyard when I see that she is going to pee. Tried taking her out with her sister last night ( generally take them seperately at night, but wanted to simulate how it was at budget suites), no success. She just stands next to us and looks at us, only moving when we do. Tried taking her around the perimeter, which is her thing, still nothing. I am at a loss. Suggestions would be great. I am planning on taking her to the vet tomorrow to rule out any physiological issues that could be going on. I know she has not felt great lately due to allergies and she is getting older, I just hope it's a case of the stubborns and not something else. Thanks bunches,


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Time for a trip to the vet...

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Are you walking in the yard? Just walking in circles will help her to relax and get her ready to eliminate. I wasn't clear if the 45 minutes was just standing about in the yard, so apologies if you were walking briskly and she still didn't relax enough to go. But you mentioned that she didn't move unless you did. Walk!

I also wonder if when you take her in the back yard on leash she is expecting that you are headed out to a walk and is waiting for her walk outside of the yard ! :)

If she can go 12 hours at night, that's fine. Not unhealthy. Dogs don't need to eliminate at night like they do during the day. My 8 year old girl never joins us for the 11PM last call and she's fine through the night without a last outing.

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Yes Cynthia, we were walking the yard and one night we even tried walking her out front and still nothing. However, our diligence has finally paid off!! Hooray, the last 2 nights she has peed. We changed our tactics a bit, taking the younger one out earlier and waiting a few more hours to take our old lady out. Thanks for the reassurance though that going that long is ok. We went to the vet yesterday and are still awaiting blood work results ( it was time anyways). We did learn that she has some arthritis/spondylosis that has crept into her back and we will be addressing that with acupuncture in the next couple of weeks. Now just hoping bloodwork looks good. She has had a history of some elevated liver enzymes, but were normal at the last check.
Thanks again!!

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