Dog using dining room rug as her 'toilet'

hammonds_nsOctober 3, 2009


I am really frustrated by this which has just started happening recently-I have two dogs and neither of them would ever go to the bathroom in places they shouldn't but now one of them (soon to be 3 years old) has started using my dining room rug as a place to pee and poop. It started with peeing first and we didn't know this was happening until I assume the spot had been used several times and now established as a habit-now it has been followed by using the rug to poo as well.

We first had to identify which dog was the culprit and now we know since she was actually caught peeing on the rug last weekend. This same dog is currently being treated for a bladder infection - the second one - (she is a medical mystery to our vet and has other issues as well) - so I am not sure if her infection has caused her to now use the rug as her bathroom location or not but I would really like to reverse this habit somehow. We had the rug steam cleaned last weekend and prior to that I had soaked the areas she was using with vinegar etc. but she is still doing it - is there any tried and true ways to get her to stop this habit, any offensive smells I could put on the rug etc. to stop her-I am willing to try anything. Throwing away the rug isn't an option since it's my dining room rug and good money was paid for it etc. Thanks for your help!!

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Maybe your dog is having a problem holding it with all her medical problems. I am no dog expert so hopefully others will chime in. But maybe you can try putting the puppy pee pads somewhere so that she can use that if she has to go and can't wait for you to take her outside.

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This is an area rug, correct?

Since you know your dog has a bladder infection, what I would do is to roll up the rug and move it out of the way for now and, as trinigemini says, put down pee pads until her infection has cleared.

If your flooring surface is wood, you might want to lay down a piece of plastic, such as one of those drop cloths you can buy at Home Depot for a couple of bucks, to protect the wood and put the pee pads on top of the plastic. If the flooring surface is ceramic tile or vinyl, I would just use the pads and clean it with floor cleaner as normal.

Once you are sure she is well, remove the pads and see if she goes back to using the great outdoors. If not, you may need to re-house train her. Wait until you see she is no longer going inside before you put the rug back.

Before putting the rug back, I would take it in to a carpet cleaning company for a "deep clean", especially since you paid good $$ for it.

Hope this helps!

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If you could expand on the dogs meds and other problems it might make it easier to help. Could me a physical problem which is unresolved, it might be a side effect of a medication and it may be behavior or due to lack of exercise...need more info please.

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