toilet mounting to floor

bronxbillJune 3, 2010

Trying to mount the toilet - but the floor mount is plastic, coming up from the floor pvc piping underneath the floor. and it is cracked where the screws come up to meet the flange and fasten to the toilet. So the screws coming up to hold down the toilet does not hold and so there is no tightness to hold down the toilet tank. I put the metal flange on top of it but again it is the bottom plastic flange that is cracked. what to do? I hope I explained it properly.

Thanks much


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The plumber's may correct me soon after this response, but basically, you need to cut the flange off, then glue in another one.

Cut horizontally under the flange to get it off, then buy a flange assembly that slides into the remaining pipe and glue it in place. The flange should rest on the finished floor surface when done.

Alternatively, you can buy an inside cutting tool which sort of looks like a drill bit with a blade, then cut it off from the inside of the pipe.

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Good morning homebound: Thanks for the info - ok I'm going to recheck again & make sure that's the route I have to go. I'm thinking how do you GLUE something that has to hold screws and be able to attached to the bowl, without coming loose. Gotta be some kind of great glue.
Thanks much

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PVC primer, then cement to attach the PVC flange to the existing PVC pipe. Then screw the flange to the floor.

Keep in mind that you must orient the flange so that the slots for the toilet bolts are in the right position i.e. the skinnier part of those slots should be on each "side", so that the toilet bolt on each side can grab it.

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There are flange repair kits.. Don't know if it applies here.

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Found these videos on Youtube, detailed instructions for your repair.
Just copy and paste each link to watch.

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Thanks burbs: Just in case I didn't get back to you before - they were GREAT video's I think we might be able to take care of it - (next week hopefully)
Thanks again

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There are several options here, most hardware stores have the metal repair flange. Clean the existing flange of wax, place silicone on the existing flange, then place the new metal repair flange on top and screw through the plastic flange into the wood below. If you have tile you may have to get a ceramic drill bit to drill through that. The closet bolts will slide into the new metal repair flange. This is the easiest option.

Happy flushing!


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