HELP!! Taupe couch that looks green

a.gree12March 16, 2013


I am very new to this whole home buying and decorating world. My husband and I just bought our first home and FINALLY decided on furniture. However, I left him talk me into a darker taupe color for the couch than I wanted. Now that the couches are in our living room, they have this green hue to them. Is there any way that I can paint the walls a color to off set the green that is coming from the couches? The camera does not seem to pick up the green hue well and shows the couches to be much darker than they actually are. It's similar to an avocado color.

I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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Your couches look lovely. However, your drapes look pink. Perhaps they aren't, but if they're a beige/taupe color, they have much more pink/red in them than the sofas. The sofas have more of a gray/green to their taupe color. When you put these two variations together, they fight.

I'm linking to Maria Kiliam's blog post about different beiges. I don't love everything about her blog, but if you aren't familiar with undertones, specifically with beiges/taupes and how they can fight, this can be a helpful intro.

Here is a link that might be useful: Low down on beige

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Your sofas also look pink to me, on my iPad. Although I really like the chair, it and the wall color do not blend well at all with the sofas. I would change them if you have to live with the sofas even though I prefer the gray/yellow/white color scheme you seem to have had in mind at some point in this process.

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It's so hard to see the colors on my monitor. Does your fabric chair work with your couch? If so, you might consider using the white color in the fabric as the wall paint color.

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Sometimes photos do not capture the correct undertones, as you mentioned. I think the only way to correct this so you like it in real life is to either return the sofas - and it doesn't sound like you can - or bring home a lot of paint chips and look at them in your room with the sofas and other items and see what looks good. Then narrow it down to a few choices and get a small sample pot made up, paint that on a board and look at it on the wall, then make your final choice!

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