Yuck! I think I have drain worms and flies! Please help!!!!!!

repaintingagainJune 13, 2009

We just moved into our house 2 months ago and today while I was taking a shower (which ended up being much faster than planned) I noticed 2 flies and probably 5 very little worms. Gross, gross, gross!

Upon further inspection we noticed that there were more worms and flies. After looking online it appears we have something called drain worms/flies.

There seems to be more information online about the flies and how to kill them. We will be buying something called DF 5000 to kill the organic matter in the pipes.

But when I am reading about the worms - they say it could be in the grout?? Anyone know anything about this? Do we really need to regrout the tile?

We are in the middle of so many projects in this fixer upper house....and to tear about our shower stall....ugh. But we will do whatever necessary to get rid of the worms and flies.

I swear I feel a thousand worms crawling every on me now. Okay, I know they are not - but this is really gross.

Anyone with experience with this?? Advice??

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Let me offer my professional opinion on the matter: EWWWWWW!

No, seriously, I haven't heard of this, but it's hard to imagine anything like that standing up to a bathtub of bleach water (providing you aren't on a septic tank)

Fill up the tub with water, add a couple cups of bleach, mix it a little and then let it all go down the drain.

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It will take several applications of a pesticide, followed by some drain cleaner to flush out the surface that harbors these little larvae.

Pour the pesticide in and tape over the drain to let it work for 24 hours. Mix it as you would to put in a sprayer but double the dose and mix enough to overfill the trap allowing some to exit into the drain pipe.

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I had those once - ick! There are products made to reduce/eliminate the organic stuff in and around your drain that they breed in. In my case, (eeewww, I'm grossed out just remembering this!), they laid their eggs under the bottom of the shower door frame where it met the shower pan lip. Little worms would come out wherever there was a break in the caulk! I removed the caulk, cleaned and dried the area, then recaulked.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kill them worms!

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Here is a short video I made about drain worms in my shower because I realised that there was very little about them on the web. Hope it helps you beat these little nasties.

(see the link below)

In short, the Drain Worms hatch from the eggs laid by the Drain Fly in a layer of scum just above the water level in the pipe. So the worms you kill today will just be replaced by more hatchlings in the following days. The worms grow up to be Drain Flies and then they lay more eggs.

You've got three choices to break the life cycle: 1. Kill the flies, 2. Block the flies from reaching the scum by keeping the drain plugged or covered when not in use, 3. Open the grate so you can thoroughly clean the scum away.

They do not live in the grout. That just happens to be where most people see them. They travel from the drain out towards the grout as they make a hasty escape.

And by the way, they are not black. Check out the video for a closer look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drain Worms and Drain Flies, how to get rid of them

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They can appear when an unused drain trap dries out, such as a basement floor drain.

I suspect a quicker way to break the cycle would be to remove the strainer, scrub the pipe walls (above the trap) vigorously with a bottle brush, and then rinse with a bucket of water or two. Maybe add a bit of bleach to the water for that extra-clean feeling. That should move them along and put a kink in their breeding cycle.

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