new stuffies!

NinapearlOctober 8, 2011

i LOVE the dollar store! pet store stuffies are so expensive so i go to the dollar store and pick them up for $3/each. they are so soft and cuddly and swee' pea LOVES them. :)

whew! playing with stuffies is hard work!

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Dollar Tree is where it's at. Everything is $1! They usually have a good selection of plush dog toys. Doesn't make much sense to pay $7 or more a toy only to have it destroyed in a few days or sooner.

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Very cute. My Sheltie Roxie loves stuffies. She hogs them, and will even lay on one while holding another in her mouth so Forrest can't have any.


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Most of the dogs I've had didn't care too much for stuffed toys, but one did. She'd walk around the house just squeaking away and wagging her tail as if to say, "See what I have?"

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That's beautiful! I wish my dog would play with a toy but she will destroy in minutes any stuffed animal. Isn't that the point, to shred it to pieces? lol

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Have you tried Tuffies? They're supposed to last a long time.

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