MB paint color for cherry furniture?

kim0201March 22, 2009

DH & I recently found a nice cherry sleigh bed & large armoire. Now I need to think about painting our boring white MB walls. Because we have vaulted ceilings w/ shorter sidewalls (an upstairs room) I plan to keep the ceilings a white color. The head of the bed is against the end wall of the room so it's a good size w/ 14+' ceiling.

Friends who see the furniture suggest that a nice rich color be put on the walls. W/o getting too 'jewel tone' or dark, what color would you suggest? We have a stairwell wall which ties into the MB walls painted a soft green but that one may soon be changed to Behr Harmonic Tan.

Thanks so much for offering your suggestions.

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I love soft greens with cherry. It could be fairly intense, such as moss, just not in the hunter green family. Guess what I'm trying to say is a yellowish green, not a real bluish green.

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I have cherry furniture and blue walls. I have bedding that was predominantly blue with a goldish tan accent. I put the blue color on the walls and the goldish tan on the ceiling. Also, you can Google "cherry bed" and look at the images for ideas.

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We have quite a few rooms with cherry furnishings. Many have been painted in neutral taupe/tan shades then fabric, accents and art added. There are several photos taken of each room and I've added the links but I can't get them to hyper-link this morning. Sorry.

Here's our Master.


This is one of our Guest Rooms with a sleigh bed as you have.


This is our office. Cherry furniture on a Brazilian Cherry floor against soft green walls.


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Do you have any bedding that you're trying to match? Sometimes it's easier to have the bedding first, then find the paint color. How about the floor? Any carpet or rug? I like sage greens with cherry. I know someone who has BM Soft Fern in her bedroom w/ dark cherry furniture, and it looks beautiful. I used to have BM Gray Mirage in my cherry kitchen. I have a grayish blue-green in my bedroom w/ cherry furniture.

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If you are looking for a great soft green...Grasslands by SW is beautiful! We have cherry in our Kitchen and went with a bold green...but a really nice color that gets great comments which is Pine Needle by Eddie Bauer at Lowe's. My son's room has cherry furniture and we went with a gold that is nice. His carpet is a darkish blue...Humble Gold by SW...It's a really warm and inviting room...one of my favorites...lastly...we have a cherry sleigh bed, armoire, tall dresser, etc...and went with Stone House (I think BM) It's a warm neautral...Good Luck!

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We have a cherry sleigh bed too, lots of cherry in our small MB. We used BM Pittsfield Buff. It's a nice neutral color.

Lighting is everything this is the true color:

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Thank you everyone!! I loved the photos and I'll take the suggetion to google cherry bed & see what colors I find.

We have put a darker oak flooring throughout the house and it will eventually find its way onto our MB floor. Unfortunately right now, we have worn blue/grey carpet out of the 80s in the MB. I have an old green patchwork quilt on the bed currently which won't stay.

I like the green paint color suggestions & will definitely look at the neutral/tan families too. I appreciate the suggestion of going w/ yellowish greens rather than blue greens.

I'm new to decorating & for a long time I just thought 'green'. I've learned that one green is beautiful in a room but another will totally detract.

I always appreciate spending time in this forum & have noticed that a lot of very helpful people contribute! Thanks for your help.

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OK it's an intense green but what I loved about it was how great it looked w/ all wood. In fact when I painted my bay window area this color the walls seemed to disappear because the green flowed right into the trees outside. Honestly it was the strangest feeling.

The color is SW Tupelo Tree - almost an acidy moss green.

This is Valspar either Brisk Olive or the shade lighter Became a bit clausterphobic for me w/ a king sized bed crammed in a tiny little rm:

My favorite BM Baby Turtle:

There is another BM green that I've been toying around w/ painting guest bedroom that is a bit more on the cooler side called BM Creekside Green. Here is a link to a pic I found. Be sure to check out the other green rec. in the same link called Aganthus Green.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Creekside Green

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Oh, my goodness-- I LOVE that green bedroo with the black & white comforter!! Wow! Just gorgeous-- looks like a B&B.

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I agree - ttodd, thank you for the lovely photos.

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we are using pine needle green for our master bedroom,too!! we havent actually painted it yet,though,but do have the paint bought. i cant wait!! everyone that i show the paint swatch to loves it!!

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We used BM Flowering Herb - on the same strip as Baby Turtle (which we have in our foyer.) Our furniture is also cherry. I find the color very relaxing and serene.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Cherry is great material for furniture. I have one desk that is made from cherry. For the color, I love brown or red color. I usually repaint my desk once a year, especially two weeks before Christmas.......

Here is a link that might be useful: Cherry corner desk

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