NinapearlOctober 19, 2012


harley is being owner-surrendered. he lives in ohio and there will be a pig train coming to st. louis a week from sunday, where i will pick him up.

harley just turned 1. he is said to be quite a character...he sits, spins, dances, walks on a leash and is very demanding at mealtime. LOL

i am looking forward to arnold ziffel having a pal to play with. he tries to engage the 2 girls in play but they just push him away, poor guy. i play with him myself but there's only so much rammming my ankles can take.

they will be kept separated with a gate between them for a day or two until they get used to the idea of living in a herd. a herd of 4! :D

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You can tell by the photo that he's a fun lovin' guy alright. Congrats and bless you for taking him in. Looking forward to more photos of the whole gang.

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He looks like a character! What on earth is a pig train tho? A rescue transport thing? I hope he & Arnold Ziffel get along famously.

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Oh is he a cutie!!!! Hope the boys get along famously!

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oh nina, he looks like a cheeky little guy. what a lucky fellow he is to land a spot at your house :)

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Lucky little guy to have you.

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thanks, everybody! the only problem i think might arise is that arnold will be a bit jealous of any attention i give to harley but he'll get used to it especially if i pop an extra marshmallow or two into his mouth. :)

jomuir, yes, it's a bunch of people who transport rescue pigs just like rescue dogs. i have met (online) several folks who are dedicated to rescuing pot bellied pigs (and even an occasional farm pig that was raised as a pet) harley will have had quite a day of travel by the time we land back home! his owner says he loves to ride in the car.

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thanks for clarifying for me. Well he'll be worn out after his travels to you after a long ride.

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Oh, goody, an update. Ninapearl, you had mentioned that you might be getting another rescue pig and I've been wondering what happened.

Harley looks like a cutie. I know nothing about pigs; is he full-grown or will he get bigger?

Please post a plenitude of porcine pictures posthaste upon Harley's arrival, pretty please?

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well, since he's only a year old, he will have a bit more growing to do but also since his momma was a small breed piggy (for the life of me, i can't remember what it's called), he probably won't get as big as his herd mates. pot bellied pigs aren't completely done growing until about the age of 3 years although the growth is very slow.

i promise to post a plenitude of porcine pictures posthaste! LOL

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Nina, I am enthralled with your pigs! Harley will be so happy in your pig haven.

I do have a question, and I mean this in the most kindly way.
If something were to happen to you, if you get sick or injured, whatever, what would happen to the pigs?
I only ask because of the ponies and goats and you still have the dogs I assume?
I know ALL your animals have the best of lives with you and you have found good homes for the ones you could not keep but it does worry me a little that the pigs might be a fancy and you will get tired of them.

Although considering how many animals die everyday, every day with you is a blessing for any animal.

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fair question, bumblebeez. yes, i do have my danes (down to 2 since losing my senior girl in august 2011). should something happen to me, my danes will go back to rescue.

as for the pigs, i do have people who i know would take them. it's already been discussed and my end-of-life instructions are all written down so they will be readily available. this is something i think every person who cares for animals should do. whether they are house pets, outside pets or farm animals, they should be provided for should the unexpected happen.

i recently talked to the people who have my goats. they are all happy campers. just this weekend, i took a ride over to see the mini boys. they are even more spoiled now that they have a little girl who loves them. they both look great! red is really beginning to show his age (going on 20, i believe) but he's still pretty spunky for an old guy!

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"it does worry me a little that the pigs might be a fancy and you will get tired of them."

just for the record, none of my animals have ever been a "fancy". my horses were with me for many, many years. the goats i had for quite some time but after extensive back surgery, they were simply too much for me and were not getting the care, i.e., hoof trims, grooming, etc., they needed. rather than have to settle for mediocre care, i chose to rehome them.

the pigs are great pets. porkahontas has been here for 2 years, arnold for just over a year, lilly for several months. i find them extremely easy to take care of and they are tons of fun! :)

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thanks for explaining, although I know it's none of my business. I can see you take good care of your animals.

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ninapearl you are so right about all pet owners having a clear plan for the custody of their pets in the event of their death. Occasionally DH remarks that he doesn't want new pets after a certain age, I'm sure due to a fear of who would take them, but I believe as long as there is a plan for them anyone should have pets.

Our dogs would go back to rescue but we have 2 cats, I guess I need to think about them, and cats are so often harder to place....

glad to her the goats have settled in well to their new home too.

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Hi Nina:
Good Luck with your new child.
I was recently visiting my granddaughter in Maine - went to a pumpkin farm where they had all the farm animals. of course the little piggies were there. So, I had to expound on Nina's piggies - with their cookies & pictures & antics, etc. By the time I was done with my story, several people had gathered around, askng about this website and Porkahontas, Arnold & Lily.
I wouldn't be surprised to see some new people popping up here - just to check out your kids :)

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how funny, kitasmommie!! i will happily post pics when i have time to take more!

harley is a joy. brought him home sunday, he absolutely LOVES to ride in the car. he had the whole back end of my van and for most of the 90 minute trip, he slept curled up on his little bed.

i am keeping him separated from the other piggies for a couple of weeks. i built a little pen for him to be able to come outside at his leisure...

he is considerably smaller than the others although not as small as the picture shows (bad angle). he's a scrappy little guy and although there has been no fence fighting, he does hold his own if one of the others "bumps" the fence. he knows all kinds of tricks...sit, spin, dance, beg, shake...he's hilarious!

i will post updates as he gets acquainted. he is not a bit bashful, is eating well and is quite vocal when he wants attention. :)

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hey! what's a guy gotta do ta git a cookie around here??

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