Holy smokes! Just checked Scherr's prices! :)

amberleyMarch 9, 2010

I just called Scherrs's to get a apples to apples comparison for IKEA doors. I am looking at Liljistad- the dark brown raised panel door (which I planned to sand and paint). So I asked for a price from Scherr's on the series 200 door with a basic edge (i.e. no upcharge) in solid poplar. From what I can discern from the pictures, they look like the same door. IKEA's price for a 30" wide x 30" tall base cabinet with 2 doors (2 @ 15"wide x 30" tall) would be $160 plus tax. Scherr's was $123 (including the hole borings to fit IKEA boxes), plus shipping. I figure that the shipping vs. tax will be about a wash. Wow! That is a big difference when you multiply it over a whole kitchen!! Plus, They come ready to paint, so I don't have to do any prep work!! And, IKEA's doors are oak, and these are poplar, which is smoother, so it will have a better finish! Hooray!

Any advice from those who have ordered from Scherr's?

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I don't have any experience with Scherr's, but we ordered from Cabparts.com for our laundry/sewing room and several linen closets, and were very, very pleased with the quality, service, timely delivery, etc. You might want to check them out. They are solid, well-built, ready to paint, good hardware, and so reasonably priced.

Our kids have friends in Portland who are architects and they did their whole kitchen from Cabparts and were really pleased. That is how we heard of them.

Good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: cabparts.com

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Could you clarify- IKEA's price includes cabinet box PLUS doors, or just doors? Scherr's is just doors? Sure sounds like a better deal even if you look at it from the perspective of it being exactly what you want.

Can Scherr's do metric? I've heard of this idea (using Scherr doors on IKEA boxes) but have never heard back about whether it worked well or not. If the fit was spot on - or just "close enough"? Having done a bit of carpentry myself I can tell you that sometimes even 1/32 of an inch off can be a problem.

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I was just wondering if you had checked out Scherr's yet! I'm glad it worked out well. I haven't placed an order yet, but my sample door (style 400 - poplar with mdf panel, with basic edge) is lovely.

Did they give you an idea of what shipping for all of your doors would be?

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Fori is not pleased

Scherr's does Ikea doors often, Kat. And in spite of being sort of DIY, they're full service and won't leave you with ill-fitting doors. They are pretty nice to deal with, too--you might want to contact them and see if they fill you with confidence.

I didn't end up working with them but did quite a bit of research. I don't think anyone has been unhappy with them. And they do respond to the oddest of email questions. :)

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>IKEA's price for a 30" wide x 30" tall base cabinet with 2 doors (2 @ 15"wide x 30" tall) would be $160 plus tax. Scherr's was $123 (including the hole borings to fit IKEA boxes), plus shipping

Yes, most people seem to pay about 30% more for Scherrs. What you need to keep in mind is that of that ikea price, the box is probably about $60 of the price and the doors $100 (compare your chosen door style to Harlig to get a good idea of how much doors are--they are by far the greatest part of the cabinet cost). So the Scherrs doors are probably about $23-$25 more than ikea doors, really.

There are other companies that are less expensive than Scherrs, but they mostly are going to require a bit more work on your par to get them the drill info and so on. Other custom options may work out, too--there's a huge elaborate kitchen on Ikeafans right now that used custom doors from a local cabinet maker because they were less than Scherrs.

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I think the small upcharge is worth it for the lack of preparation to paint the IKEA doors since you'll surely get a better result with a paint grade door vs. preparing a factory finish for paint.

I assume Scherr's can do appliance panels - that's what makes the idea attractive to me since I definitely want to panel my dishwasher.

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IÂm confused Amberly seems very happy with the info she received from Scherr's, but it sounds like it will be a lot more $$$.

What am I missing???

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no, *I think*, scherr's is cheaper based on what she said.

here is the ikea complete cabinet for lilje dark brown, $234 (incl doors, box, and hardware)


here is just the lilje dark brown door 15" x 30" = $80 x2 = $160


yes, if you also save yourself the hassle or stripping etc, go for it!!

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Anyone know if Scherr's can drill for non-Ikea cabinet boxes? We currently have melamine doors. The frameless cabinet boxes are very sturdy and in great condition so I'd love to just replace the doors and drawer fronts and use the existing blum hardware. I was hoping to do Ikea doors to make it easy, but the upper cabinets are an odd height (37"). Hmmmm.

Oh-the other cabinet company I've heard good things about is Evans Cabinet and Door. I think their prices were less than Scherr when I checked.

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The comparison I gave was for apples to apples- JUST the door prices. Scherrs's, in my case, is much CHEAPER because I would order unfinished doors and paint them myslef. If I bought IKEA, I would be paying for the finished door, which I would then have to strip/sand and then paint. If you were to get a FINISHED door from Scherr's, I imagine it would be a little bit more expensive than IKEA.

I already bought and installed my IKEA boxes, and I went again today and purchased all the guts- shelves, hinges, drawers (without the fronts). The boxes for the WHOLE kitchen, were less than $500. All the guts were about $750. Don';t have a total cost on all the doors yet. Hopefully I can get that together tomorrow.

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I got the entire last kitchen from Scherrs and can't say enough good things about their product. The doors are really good quality, thicker than Ikea doors and put together with mortised stiles and rails.

Order a sample if you want. You can get the doors pre-primed in white as well as just sanded for an up charge.

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I have had some recent not so great experiences with pre-primed wood products, so I think I will stick to the unprimed- I have become very picky about my primer. Yes I am becoming a paint snob.

Sorry about the bad spelling in my last post!

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You said something about building a fridge box? Did your carpenters do that? Again, sorry to hijack, but this is what is holding up design of my one wall!

I actually don't like pre-primed stuff either. I like the labor (of love) in doing it myself. I tried not to be critical of the weather boards currently drying all over my house's open joists :-)

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grlwprls- Yes they built the box. But they built it when I wasn;t there (one of the few things without my direct involvement). I guess we had a communication breakdown- the right side was supposed to meet up with the top of the wall cab to the right, so the crown can meet as well. The right side was supposed to be seamless. We are rebuilding it so it only has one piece all the way up and one across. It will then be built up around the edges to be 1" thick (another issue), and not have a ply panel on the left as there is no need- it kills into the pantry cab to the left.

It was pretty simple to build- any decent carpenter should be able to do that. We designed that part on the fly, as I had originally planned to put the fridge in the aisle to the left of the island, when we thought we were going to do a peninsula. Love the flexibility of IKEA- Hadn't even bought the cabs yet!

Just put in my wall cab shelves- one pkg has to go back since it is chipped. Not like I won't be making several trips in the next few weeks anyway...

BTW I am envious that you have a place to paint right now! My house is so filled with dust I am afraid to do it yet. Where are your pics anyway hmmmm?

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Evan's Cabinet and Doors is even cheaper, and the doors are great. They should also still have my measurements on file, and they did pre-drill for IKEA's hinges.

You can even price it out yourself online! Google 'em.

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reyesuela- So I checked them out, and they do have a door just like I am looking for. This may sound silly, but are ALL doors the same price, regardless of size? I see they have an oversize door pricing per sq ft., but what is oversize? Do they do drawers too? Do they cost the same? Do they pre drill for IKEA drawers too?

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Amberly, the turnaround for Scherrs will be several weeks, I think. It took 2-3 weeks for me to get one sample door. Maybe it would take less time for an unpainted door, though.

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Amberly  this is a bit OT so I hope you donÂt mind And I hope I donÂt offend in any way!

We will be going with IKEA boxes but purchase doors/drawers separately because we want a painted product in a style that IKEA doesnÂt offer. IÂm totally open to painting them myself and would love to save the $$ by doing so, IÂm just afraid the finish will look like a happy house wife painted them (if you know what I mean). Have you done this before? Is it possible to get a professional finish DIY?

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No offense taken at all :) -I haven't painted kitchen cabs before, but I have painted lots and lots of furniture. The most important thing is to have the right paint for the application. The better quality the paint is the better your work will look. Also decide if you like the look of handpainted brush stroke or want the sprayed on factory finish look. As many have pointed out on this forum before, having brush strokes allows for easier touch ups years down the road, and it also lends a certain aesthetic as well.

Although I am not doing this, you can have your doors professionally sprayed. I have not looked into it, so I have no idea of cost.

I have had great success with FPE (Fine Paints of Europe) on my front door and exterior woodwork. I have also had great results with a super matte synthetic milk paint on wood furniture (hear great things about real milk paint too). I will be using Farrow and Ball Eggshell on the cabinets.

morton- I think that getting the doors unfinished does save a little time. I am not too concerned about the turnaround as I have to paint all the walls, ceiling, and trim on the first floor, as well as finish the floors. I can't imagine I will be done before the doors arrive.

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Hi there - we are renovating a condo for what we hope will be a high end rental, and at the last minute realize we need to replace cabinets.

I am interested in the quality of the Scherr doors with Ikea cabinets, but they will delay completion of the project (we already have a GC).

One question - does anybody know if one can install the Ikea cabinets, AND install the Silestone countertop PRIOR to receiving/installing the Scherr doors? This way, we could move forward and just put the doors on when they are ready.

Also, anyone with photos of the Scherr Shaker #400 door (we would have them painted for us) versus the Adel (i.e. is it worth the wait?)?


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Yes you can install the doors later. No need to have them on for putting the countertop on. I'm using the ikea boxes for toy storage in a play area and leaving an open cabinet.

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Take a look at cabinets now. I used them for my walnut doors on ikea's boxes. Took one week from my order to delivery. I put in your measurements on the unfinished (but sanded) poplar door and the price was only $32 per door ($64 total). They customize to the quarter-inch. And they prebore cups too. I have had contractors say they can't find doors this nice through local cabinet makers. Oh yeah- no affiliation other than I will use them in any future remodel. The doors are perfect.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet now

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Here are my doors. Walnut with a few coats of tung oil.

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Here's the back showing the bore holes. One on left unfinished. The one on the right has one coat of tung oil.

We reused some boxes and filled in with the ikea boxes. We were pleased that these were custom to the quarter inch because our cabinets all had wonky sizing. On the ikea boxes I used the idea measurements as a guide and just measured the others myself.

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And here they are perfectly smooth out of the box. My entire kitchen of cabinets was $1500 for solid walnut doors.

Sorry for the separate posts- my iPad is fighting me today.

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