septic system problem/questions

mikesjJune 11, 2010

Hi all,

I've got a 6 year old septic system that the previous owners had installed when I bought my house. The drain field is set up in a zig/zag pattern and is a "vault" system.

Over the last couple of years I have reclaimed the pasture where the drain field ends, but I have had a constant problem with water at the upright termination pipe. I just had the tank pumped a couple of weeks ago and I figured the ground would dry out- after a couple of days of rain, it's back to being waterlogged/soggy with water on the surface.

My house sits at the base of a hill with all kinds of wet weather springs around me.

I don't think that our water use is excessive and I am confident that I don't have leaking fixtures.

Should I:

A) See about getting my existing system lengthened?

2) See about some type of a curtain drain?

C) Seek other options? Possihly a mound of dirt at the termination?

What about costs for the likely solutions?

Thanks for your time!


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Mike, I am dealing with something similar. The best advice I have is talk to a professional in your area. These guys see this all the time and know what to do. Get a few opinions from installers in your area.

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