sealing unused drain

kevin1727June 3, 2008

Due to relocating the shower and tub in my bathroom remodel, there is now an unused shower drain under the center of my jacuzzi tub. This is a concrete slab floor with PVC pipe drains.

What is the best way to seal off that drain? The plumber said to just fill it with sand. He said the trap will prevent the sand from moving down the line.

I am thinking something more air and water tight just in case of sewer gas or water backup.

Should he find a PVC plug and glue in or is it okay to dump concrete into the drain? I think the plumber wants to use sand because the plug may stick up and interfere with the mortar bed under the tub.

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They sell expandable rubber plugs. Old timers will call them "dollar plugs" sometimes today called "test plugs"

Concrete is OK as long as you dont plan on using the drain ever again and that you dont use to much and plug line further down. Ball up some newspaper first.

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They make floor flush cleanout plugs as well. I cant recall the name of them. But they have an allen head screw in the top that swells the rubber on the bottom side that you install in the drain for an air tight seal... Sand down the line is a bad idea.

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