Green stuff on copper pipes

diplacidopaulJune 13, 2010

All of a sudden my outdoor taps are leaking and changing the washers doesn't help. The seats are corroded. And now there is a whitish green build up on all the valves and fittings and green stains on the concrete where the taps were leaking.

I occasionally get a mild shock when I turn on the outside tap in my bare feet and now I'm wondering if there is any chance there is some sort of electrolytic action going on between the stray current and the dissimilar metals of the taps.

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I'd say that it's doubtful your shock is coming from normal bi-metalic reaction. It's more likely that an electrical fault somewhere is causing is causing your plumbing, or parts of it, to be electrified.
Accelerated corrosion may be the result, but I would recommend getting an electrician to find the cause.

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You need to get the electrical problem fixed immediately! Water and electricity are a bad combination.

I don't believe the corroded seats and electrical fault are related.

All metal piping should be bonded and grounded.

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