State brand hot water heater

grama2June 22, 2010

Does anyone have any info on the State Brand gas hot water heater no. GS675XRRS 300. My plumber just put it in today. He told me it is a commercial one not residential. He also said because there are so many people (8) in the house that it would be better to go commercial. I have a raised ranch with 5 bathrooms. It has a 4 room apt. in which one person lives and it also has an in-law-suite in which my dtr. lives and soon to be son-in-law will be living. There are 5 of us in the main part of house. I had asked my plumber to replace my leaking other hot water tank ( State Brand ) with an energy efficient one. I bought this house last year and by reading the manufacturing label on the previous hot water heater it was made in 1989 so it lasted a good long time (21 years). I was just wondering if commercial was the way to go. I can't even find any exact info on this particular size in with the paper work that came with it. It is more of a general type of product info. I was also curious about how much it cost as I am beginning to think I may have paid too much for product/installation. Thanks in advance for any helpful info on this particular tank.

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Contrary to what your plumber told you this a residential heater. I purchased a 40 gal Turbo 25 yrs ago on the advice of a few plumber friends. It was made by State and probably the best appliance I've ever purchased. Not cheap but it was worth every penny. The design was similar, it had a coil in the tank that preheated the water which dumped out on the bottom of the tank. This keeps the tank clear of sentiments thus maintaining efficiency and extending tank life. That tank is still running flawlessly today.
Here is a link

Another major benefit , we never ran out of hot water.
Two adults and three children

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While it is a residential tank, it is a 74 gallon, high input (75,000 btu) which does come at a cost premium.

Jonny, "turbo" had no special coil, just a means of using the diptube to stir the bottom with the idea of keeping falling sediment moving.

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We need to get a new gas hot water heater soon. Is State the best one or are there other brands we should consider? I think there is a brand called White?? I would like some recommendations before I call my plumber next week.

We have an old 40 gallon Kenmore now and run out of hot water fast. We want to order a higher gallon one this time.

Thanks much.

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