Looking for 'variable' Diverter Valve

at56krJune 18, 2012

I have a new construction situation.

Will have a large tub (140 gal.) with a filler spout as well as a handheld spray.

Looking for a "variable" diverter valve.� By variable, I mean that this valve would divert water completely to the spout when fully CC and gradually divert water to the handheld as rotated CCW.

If this valve were at the midway point, water would come out of both the spout and the hand-held sprayer.

Most of the fixtures are Hansgrohe contemporary style's.

(Not married to Hansgrohe.)

Specific valve recommendations are appreciated, but I'll take what help I can get.


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hansgrohe is coming out with a new one - depends on your finish whether it's available for you. within the next month or so it should be available.

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