What breed of a cat do I have?

blondelleOctober 10, 2013

Max was a used cat when we got him. A tenant left him behind. All I know is that he runs my house, and one look at chubby cheeks face and you know you have to do what he wants...LOL! In the second photo you think he just wants his belly rubbed. If you try, he will grab your hand with his front paws and try and bite it. I don't know if he's playing or he means it, but I don't want to find out. Other than that, he's a mellow, gentle animal. I've always wondered what breed or mix he is though.

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He's a real beauty, sorry Max meant to say handsome. I dont know what breed he is, but lucky Max that you have given him a new home, your an Angel :>)

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Second photo - LOL! You know what? There is a stray tom cat who hangs around my house (and why not? I give him a dish of food every day and treats) and he behaves the same way. He's all nice and purry and wants you to pet him, rolls over then - GOTCHA'. I've learned to resist rubbing that furry tummy. Sometimes he swings around and bats me if I'm petting his head too. Same as you, I'm not sure if he wants to bite or just bully me. : )

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Looks like the typical Domestic Short Hair. I once had a cat named Paul who had similar stripes. Enjoy!

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spedigrees z4VT

Max is a great looking cat! The irresponsible tenant who abandoned him lost a great pet, but their loss is your gain!

Domestic short hair is the name for house cats like Max that do not obviously belong to a specific breed. (Domestic long hair being the name of a house cat with long hair.) There are specific breeds such as Siamese, Persian, and so on, but your Max would most likely be called a DSH (domestic short hair). He's extremely handsome and looks like he has a winning personality!

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Thanks! I'll tell Max you all think he's cute. So he's just a plain ole house cat? He acts like a spoiled show cat! Unfortunately being handsome won't help him with the ladies as he's missing a few parts. Maybe that's why he doesn't want his underside touched. He's very trusting though and rolls over even for strangers. They go to pet his belly and then it's gottcha. That belly is a cats most vulnerable part. It also sways back and forth when he walks...LOL!

He's a hunk at 16+ pounds. Every other day he gets a wet food treat and he knows what day it and won't stop meowing until he gets it, even if it's 6-7 in the morning. Demanding little bugger!!!

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He's a DSH but very cute. I have one who looks just like him, but unfortunately he is obese. He lays on his back all the time for rubs but doesn't bite...just purrs and purrs. He is a twin to yours in looks. I'd be happy if he weighed 16 pounds. He weighs ten pounds more.

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wonder if he might be a British Shorthair.

He's a big ole armful of beautifulness!

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" If you try, he will grab your hand with his front paws and try and bite it."

ah, the old "I'd like a belly rub" trick. Yep, don't fall for it! :)

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Your cat is probably a domestic short hair, but if you're wondering about the pattern, it's a brown tabby. Or at least the non white parts are.

He's a handsome boy. :)

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He looks so much like my big old boy Hobbes, who passed away from cancer two years ago. Right down to the expression on his face. Poor cats, it's hard to sort them out to breeds, because there are so many more dog breeds than cat breeds and so many breeds come from generations of specific breeding and I wager more cats don't belong to any specific breed than do. He's a sweetie breed, that's what he is.

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He is totally a handsome fella. I'm a dog person but I always wanted a kitten. He is a looker. No wonder he gets his way.


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Yep, dogs have masters, cats have staff. I agree that he's probably a domestic short hair. He's one handsome kitty.

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