Stupid oven mitt in oven with Christmas dinner... Trash the beef?

rhome410December 25, 2013

This is the dumbest thing ever... An oven mitt, unbeknownst to me, was stuck to the bottom of the broiler pan and fell off into the bottom of the oven when I put our prime rib in the oven. We noticed an odd smell, but didn't notice the mitt until at least a half hour into roasting, including the 15 minutes at 450 to start.

It is the type of hot pad with the black rubbery surface...Thankfully, for the oven, it was facing up. But it was pretty much destroyed by the time I took it out.

Is the prime rib (2 of them each at 5 lbs) now garbage? I surely don't want to poison my family, but don't want to throw it out if it's not necessary. DH is an 'oh, it'll be fine' type of person and I will have a fight on my hands to be rid of the meat we've been waiting months to enjoy today... But the rest of us aren't quite that cavalier. I would usually error on the side of being super safe, but this is a more difficult choice for which I want as much info as possible before jumping either way.

The oven is a Gaggenau turned on brags about odors and flavors from one thing not affecting another. Does that feature help me here?

Thanks so much.

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I don't know anything about the oven or convection, etc., but it's an oven mitt, so it should be food safe, other than breathing the fumes. I can't see why consuming the roast would be harmful. If it's silicone, it has a very low toxicity.

If it tastes fine, I'd eat it. Merry Christmas!


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Thanks so much, Annie! I also contacted Trailrunner and her chemist dh agrees that it shouldn't be a problem. Phew!

Just another 'fun' Christmas memory for the years to come. haha

Merry Christmas!

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If it tastes fine, enjoy it.

But I disagree with Annie. It may be food-safe, I don't think it is a good idea to eat the oven mitt, even it is well-done.

Merry Christmas!


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LOL, dcarch...Ok! ;-)

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As with many meat dishes, it's all about the seasoning, you understand...

Don B.

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I've done the same thing! Yes we ate the food.

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Haha, oh my. Yup, i would eat it if caught early in the cooking...
The 'fumes' will penetrate but not far. A bit like smoking meats. Not a great flavor if allowed to
hang-in during cooking. I might just slice off the side edges for safety and put it back in?

We mistakenly added the 'panty shield' white thingy to a grilled braise once, but caught it before it actually cooked...yuck.

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At first, I was wondering if I'd really slipped a cog and left something plastic on the meat, but I reminded myself I'd thoroughly dried it, so that wasn't possible. Thank goodness my son spied the smoldering hot pad tucked back where I couldn't see it, when I was putting the temperature probe in one of the roasts.

I checked a bit later, and there wasn't even any odor left in the oven, which was a relief, and gave me good hope that the meat hadn't been too affected. I couldn't tell if the outside tasted a little odd, or it was just my imagination. With a prime rib surrounded by a good layer of fat, and the rack of ribs, the edible part was pretty well protected.

As I said, it'll just be the year that spawns "remember when Mom cooked the hot pad for dinner?"
Happy New Year everyone!

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