Rescue, can someone please direct me?

taunia1October 8, 2010

I live in the country, I also live in what I call a dog dumping zone. There is a beautiful fullblood greyhound someone dumped. She is so shy and skiddish. She won't let anyone near her. The problem is she is starving and ate up with fleas and God knows what. The reason I know this is I've gotten about 5 ft. from her. I've tried to catch her but there is no way that is going to happen. Ive called the athorities in my area but noone can help. I've tried to locate a greyhound rescue in my area but I can't find one. Please direct me on what to do next before winter comes, if she lasts that long I'm afraid she'll freeze to death. TIA.

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You don't specify your location but your profile says you're from Texas. You can try Greyhounds Unlimited, they are listed as Dallas, TX. There is a phone number at the bottom of the website.

There's another one, Greyhound Adoption League,, they have a phone number too. They are listed as Addison, TX.

Or Heart of TX greyhound Adoption,, San Antonio.

Or Greyhound Rescue Austin,

Also, if you've gotten that close to her you could try to get a large trapping crate (buy beg or borrow one), and it it may take a week or so of gradully getting her to eat closer to the crate then put the food inside the crate. Start w/ the crate maybe 10 ft away then a foot closer every day. Keep in mind if she's a retired racer she may be leery of crates so you would need to be patient.

We've caught feral cats using a trap and food, it has taken weeks before to get the mother but eventually she went for the food. As we got her closer to the crate we had to withhold food for a couple days to get her hungry enough to make her enter the trap. That was 4 yrs ago, she is now spayed, has a heated house in the winter and eats twice a day. I think she's the most spoiled feral in our neighborhood.

Once you have her, I'm sure one of the greyhound groups would take her and rehome her for you.
Good luck, what a shame people dump animals like that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greyhounds Unlimited

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Please don't assume she was dumped. Greyhounds will bolt after prey if they get loose and can run for many miles. They then don't know how to get home once they stop running. When you rescue a greyhound, you are put into a network of people who you are supposed to contact immediately if your dog ever gets away. That's so you have a team of people ready to help and look out for the lost dog. If you call any one of the rescues in your state, I feel sure they'd be able to find out if a dog is missing and being searched for.

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I agree, just contact the nearest greyhound rescue even if they are not in your county, these people are dedicated to the breed and should be able to help. Also, call the local humane society ask if they will help you trap her, once she is trapped let them knokw you will handle her going to a rescue organization...that way they might help, if the local humane wont assist you try a pest company they might be willing to help especially if you toss them a couple of bucks and let them know you will do a write up on YELP for them....good luck and try not to give up.

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Where in Texas are you?

I sent a link to this post to Lin, who fosters greyhounds for at least one rescue, I think it's in the DFW area.

If you don't get an email for her, please call me;
I'm sending you my # via gardenweb email.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Hi - this is Lin, I foster for Greyhound Adoption League. We have some volunteers that are pretty good at catching loose Greyhounds - I have one living with me who was loose in Longview for over 19 months before we finally caught her.

Please email me via Gardenweb, and I can get you in touch with the closest volunteers. There's also a forum called the Greyhound Amber Alert, which has a lot of info on capturing loose Greyhounds.

Whatever you do, don't chase the dog - just try putting food out in one spot so we can keep the dog coming back to that spot. That way, we have a spot to set up a live trap to capture the Greyhound.

Thanks for caring about the dog!


Here is a link that might be useful: Greyhound Amber Alert

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You've gotten 5 ft. I say keep going. Sometimes it takes a LOT OF WORK. Keep perservering. That dog likes you, so keep at it.

You can make this easier for a shelter or for a greyhound rescue. Don't give up.

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Any updates on this dog?

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I apologize for falling off the planet. I've had some real health problems so I've been away. Any way "Baby Girl" the greyhound, Is alive and I finally got her to come in my house and let me pet her!!! She has been defleaed and she walks well on a leash; still extremely shy. BUT... she is still a nusance to the neighbors; she's a trash eater and a chicken killer. I have no fence and live in the country I am on a fixed income. There's rumors around that her days are numbered. I want to find her a good loving home with somebody who has alot of patience. Anyone game? I live outside of Waco, Texas. TIA.

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You might try contacting the poster above, barkingdogwoods...sounds like she could help you, especially since the "baby girl" will come into your house now.
If not, here is a link to a greyhound rescue in Texas...

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Why aren't you calling the rescue groups in either DFW or Austin?

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