aquatic pets :)

NinapearlOctober 1, 2013

added a few things to my 29g biocube recently.

long nose hawk fish. tons and tons of personality!

short tentacle plate coral

goniopora coral. it's about the size of a softball, beautiful how it sways in the current.

yellow brittle star. these usually only come out at night but this guy scurries all over the tank when i put food in.

and this is my 14g biocube. love these tanks, so easy to take care of!

thanks for looking!

full tank shot.

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Beautiful! I always heard that salt-water aquariums were hard to care for, but you said it's easy? What kind of maintenance does it require?

On another note, when I saw the title of your post, I thought there would be pics of the piglets in their pools! : )

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Me, too, LOL LOL LOL

That is a super cool tank you have there!!! Looks like a professional aquarium. Those are a lot of neat sea creatures you have there.

Are they hard to care for?

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Awesome tank Nina - wish I had room for something like that here.

PS - I was also looking for aquatic piggies :)

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Very nice, but where's Arnold ??? Guess were all looking for some piggy pic's !!!!

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LOL! i have put the piggy pools away till next year. they still have their mud wallow in case we get some warm days but i haven't seen them use it in a while.

both of my tanks are the oceanic biocubes. all pretty much self-contained. comes with pump and protein skimmer. all you add is a heater and of course, a stand. the live rock you get is all the filtration you need. water changes are easy peasy! they are small (mine are 14g and 29g) so you can't have a LOT of fish. i sacrificed room for easy care. a big tank, i just don't have the time to maintain.

strangely enough, while i love the fish and their very different personalities, i am fascinated by the invertebrates. i have brittle star fish and sea urchins in both tanks. they are awesome to watch as they glide over the rocks and glass, keeping everything clean. this is my first foray into corals and while they can be a challenge, i have found them pretty easy to keep. both tanks are about a year old. i didn't have the 14g long before i decided i needed something a little bigger with better lighting for corals. :)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Very, very cool!! You make it look easy. :)

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the first 2 or 3 months of a new tank can be a bit challenging...getting all of the water parameters perfect, etc. new tanks go through a few "algae blooms" after the initial set up but with regular water changes and weekly maintenance like using an aquarium magnet to keep the glass clean are really all you need. once that period passes, they are pretty much "plug and play" aquariums. you have to research to know which fish will be good in a "community" tank and sometimes it takes some experimenting but there are so many great websites to help with that, it's unusual to have problems.

my biggest problem with these tanks is that i have to rein in my tendency to impulse buy. when i have been considering a new fish, i always check a couple of websites on my phone before i dive in (no pun intended) and make the purchase. it has saved me some serious headaches as sometimes, the person trying to sell you a certain fish won't be completely candid.

but, for the most part, if you want to try your hand at saltwater, i highly recommend these biocubes. granted, you can't have a LOT of fish in such a small area but it's a good way to get your feet wet, so to speak. LOL

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