T-H1 Tankless Overheat Cut-off fuse

tien18June 26, 2010

I had a T-H1 Takagi installed in my house for almost 4 years. The unit is running fine until last week. I have a contractor come and take a look at it. He dis-assemble, clean the unit and then told us that the overheat cut-off fuse was burned. He is now by pass the fuse for us to use temporary but we need to replace the fuse. I would like to ask how hard it is to replace the fuse? approximately how much is the fuse cost? Can someone teach me to it myself? The contractor rate is very high. He already charge us $250 for this one time. He is going to charge us another $600 to replace the fuse. I am on unemployment now. Thanks


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Takagi has a 5 year parts warranty

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I called. They told me that my unit has only 2 years warranty.

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You can purchase it right from takagi themself, it isnt very hard to install. They will mail directly too you......


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Yes, I called Takagi today. The fuse only cost $19 plus $6 for shipping. They are going to mail me the instruction too. I am going to do it myself. Thanks everyone,

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