Water pressure for water softener

calhoontunaJune 27, 2012

Last year installed a water softener with a Fleck 5600 valve.

Not seeing anything in the manual in regards to residential water pressure. Are there any rules of thumb of what the water pressure should be for proper backwash so that the resin won't foul/so that the water softener works most effieciently?

Mine is set at 30-50.

Is this too low?

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Along with your softener you should have gotten an owner's manual, service manual, and/or literature. In case you didn't here they are...


Pressure specs are... Working: 20 - 125 psi

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you machine has a working rating of 20-125 however the plumbing codes mandate residential service pressures of 40-85psi so unless you have done something to alter your basic service pressure your machine is fine.

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Thanks guys.

Had the one manual -- which didn't specify water pressure -- but not the other, which did.

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