flooded house loosening jam nut at bottom of tank

linjnJune 4, 2010

I was trying to change a flush valve and had the water supply shut off valve closed. After loosening the jam nut just below the tank I heard the water pressure surge and water came up near the floor the floor at the base of the water supply. Just turning the jam nut back in the opposite direction did not help at all. turning the supply line in either direction did not work, though I could try more now the water is turned off at the main and the spills are cleaned up sorta. i assume the supply line has come loose from a joint at the level of the floor. I would hate to see the bill on getting the toilet and sub floor ripped up to get at it. I'm out of work on disability and earning about half my income. Just found out Ineed to replace my porch roof for 1000. Any help you can give I would appreciate. I guess now that the water is shut off I'll see if I can get any more info. I have removed toilet in the past to replace seal so I have just a little experience. Had about an inch and a half of water in the second floor bathrom and alot of big puddles in the kitchen below. Water coming down around the kitchen light. UGH.

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took toilet off and removed water supply and it is broken. just the last thread or two on one side.I'm going to lowes.

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okay,lowes gave me all the replacement parts and some sympathy. I am trying to get the broken off threads out of the compression fitting. It seems like I could get the compression fitting off but, I'm afraid to break that. The top of the fitting is level with the floor but the pipe pulls up easily. Not sure if it would be to hard to get another compession fitting on if it is below the floor. Not sure which way the compression fittings turn to come off anyway and it is tight in both directions.
They also gave a something back that looks like a large drill bit that is designed to force out stuff when turned counter clockwise I've tried that some but again I am afraid to break the fitting. i guess fittings are pretty tick and can take some twisting without breaking. Gosh I'm tired. Anybody out there.

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Shut off the main, remove the water supply shut off valve and replace with new. New supply line to toilet.

Fittings are right to tighten and left to loosen.

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