Utility sink in garage

rivkadrJune 24, 2010

I'm thinking about remodeling our garage sometime soon, and one thing I would really like to have is a utility sink out there. But...it seems very problematic, for the following reasons:

1) No kind of drainage in the garage.

2) No kind of plumbing, either. The nearest plumbing is in the kitchen, 3 rooms away.

The house is 50 years old, and has a slab foundation. What's the likelihood of getting a sink out there, and what would it involve? Any best guess on cost?

I'm fine with something temporary or not necessarily up to code, to be honest (so long as it's safe), because this sink is intended to be used in my home soap making business (and we're fine with removing this non-code remodel before selling the house). It would help me a lot to have access to running water while working in the garage, as well as the ability to clean my tools -- which would also involve the washing away of some chemicals such as lye and oils, in case that makes any difference in what you might suggest.

Any suggestions are appreciated; this isn't something I'm going to be doing immediately, but would like to be armed with some knowledge/ideas when I start talking to contractors.

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You could put a pump up system in, which is basically a barrel with a pump in it, and it forces the waste up and it ties into an existing drain. You will still have to vent both the sink and the pump. You will also need to get water to the sink. If you are in a freezing climate, you will have to protect it. This should all conform to code. I cannot comment on the chemicals you are dumping, you should check with your service provider to see if you can legally dump them.

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