What is the best dog food available in the grocery store?

daggettOctober 30, 2008

I feed my dogs raw. After feeding many EVO, Canidae, Orjen, I did quite a bit of research and switched to raw.

I was visiting my Mom last week and saw that she feeds her dog Beneful. I read the ingredients and was shocked how bad this food is. She has a 15 month old basset that is very over weight.

My Mom isn't going to go to a specialty store or even a feed store to purchase dog food. It needs to be available at the grocery. What is the best food available at the grocery? I have done some research but have not found a good food that is readily available.

Also, any ideas on how to bring up this subject. She loves her dog. I don't want to offend her but her dog need better food.

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Watch the newest episode of the TV show Dirty Jobs and see what goes into the BARF diet and how its made. Among other things were cow skulls with eyes, stomachs complete with fecal material contamination ... all ground up and in a pretty package. YUM! That was an instant 113% turn-off for using raw for us!

We feed Beneful or other commercial dry and canned foods and are very pleased. It's all a personal choice.

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Sadly, I don't think there is a "quality" dog food at the grocery store.

It seems that someone, somewhere would recognize this and offer it. I realize that processing etc. requires money, but the 35 lb., $90.00 I pay for a superior food is a bit much.


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We make our own raw food. Chicken leg quarters, cooked salmon, beef roast, eggs...a few vegatables all the same quality I feed my family. I'm certain that this food is better quality than any prepared packaged food. It isn't much work at all and I know what they eat. I have never considered buying packaged raw food.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Perhaps she would order dogfood?
I wouldn't have thought I would go to a special store just for dogfood but once I realized why I needed to, I changed my habits and way of thinking.
I go once a month.

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I feed Wellness Core...It is not that high compared to other's....We get it at Pet Supplies *Plus*....She won't go to the pet stores at all? There is nothing at the grocery stores I am afraid.....Here is a link to look at all foods......down by the two dogs there is an index button......check them out.

Good Luck!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog Food Analysis

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Maybe she would order food online and have it delivered. Honest Kitchen would be one suggestion of a company that delivers and the food is very good. It's a raw dehydrated food that you mix with water.

Here is a link that might be useful: Honest Kitchen

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daggett ~

I will stick to your question and do the best to answer it. I live in the midwest so our grocery stores may be different than where your mom shops. I haven't found a halfway decent dog kibble in any of them BUT I will say that if she is near a WalMart this is what she should look for.

MAXXIMUM Premium Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice kibble. Do not get any other brand there. The rest (including Iams) is just junk. I won't say that this is on par with what I feed my dog now but it is the absolute best kibble out there that is easily purchased. I did feed Wesley this before going to Canidae (I have nixed that now) and am using Innova EVO.

I am pretty sure that the MAXXIMUM brand is sold in an 8 pound package and is around $10-11. The good thing is that you feed less than a product like Beneful because the ingredients are better.

There is no corn, perservatives, coloring or other lesser quality ingredients. It does use meat/meat meal (specified) in the first two ingredients and that is much better. It does use regular veggies and some fruits with a form of fish oil.

If your mom is a member of Costco then I would go for the Kirkland chicken &rice w/veggies kibble or the lamb & rice with veggies kibble. Nothing else they sell at Costco is worth anything. I do think that the Kirkland is better than MAXXIMUM but you will be getting a 20 pound bag for about $14. It all depends on whether she can use it up withing a reasonable amount of time.


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Remind your mom that you are what you eat and you know she wants to nourish her dog the best that she can. You could run off some simple lists of the reasons to give a better food.

Let your mom know that the better quality will allow a smaller amount to be fed. This will result in less poop to pick up and, mopst likely, won't smell as strong.

As a reward for eating the new kibble she could take her Bassett out for a walk after dinner so that his mind will focus on all that he can see and hear when they are out and about.

Be sure that she gradually converts over to the new kibble during a week so that there is less tummy upset.


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Thanks for the recommendations. I will look into the Maxximum you suggested. She doesn't have a Costco close to her.

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I agree with the posts that there really are no good pet foods at the grocery stores, they are junk pet foods, full of corn, maize, sugar and meal...none good for your dog.
If she ca order I would suggest Natrual Balance, they carry an half a dozen types of food diets.
THE ONLY EXCEPTION I have to this is Trader Joes dog food...it is good dog food, and it is inexpensive.

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mazer ~

I have heard good things about Trader Joes pet food although I haven't looked into it. The nearest one to me is on the other side of Missouri in St. Louis. Those luck people have four outlets while Kansas City has none.

When I visit family out in the San Diego area I always bring an empty suitcase and fill it with TJ non-perishable products that aren't too heavy.

Sure wish we had a Trader Joes near us.

I fly Southwest and you get two check-in bags for free so one is used for clothes and the other for TJ goodies!

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Yes, there are no actual good ones at the regular grocery store, but.... Beneful is one of the absolute worst ones around. It only gets a score of 16. 16... Even Iams or Purina One have scores in the seventies, which still make them only a one on a scale of one to six, but still.. 16.. shudder.

There are quite a few sites to check out the food you use. Below is one. It's a shame she's not near a Costco. Any farm stores near her?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog Food Analysis

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Of course there are quality dog foods to be had in the grocery store! My dogs always got the Purina brands and lived to healthy ripe old ages. If a dog gets sick often (for me that would be more than once a year) then I would question the food, but I have never had that problem.

I think some people just have too much time and money on their hands and need something to worry about. IMHO

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I don't think it's fair to say that someone who cares about their pet's diet has "too much money or time on their hands." If you do spend the time to do the research, you can find much support for using something better than the supermarket brands and the owners of the many dogs that died last year from tainted food can attest to its importance, too.

If you think about it, what kind of nutritional value could possibly be contained in food that costs less than $1 per pound? Food is expensive and to make pet food that cheaply, the ingredients would have to be poor quality. I would like to do better for my dogs than to feed them road kill, euthanized pets, grain hulls, chicken beaks, etc. that are found in cheap foods.

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My vet told me that as far as grocery store dog food goes, PURINA ONE is probably the best one to buy.

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I wasn't looking to debate why I want to feed quality food to my animals, but with comments like... "I think some people just have too much time and money on their hands and need something to worry about. IMHO" I guess I will.

I believe that if we take on the responsiblity of pet ownership we should provide the best food, medical care and life that we can offer our pets. I do not spend a great deal of time or money to feed my pets. I watch for sales and buy in large quantities just like a smart shopper would do for their family. I make large batches and freeze their food. Pets are not a necessity. If someone can not afford the time or money it takes to properly care for a pet, they should not own one.

I also have plenty of things to worry about. But dog food recalls isn't one of them.

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Chickadee, Dogs are MADE BY NATURE to eat that kind of stuff. Raw food is, wild and gross-true, but a dogs body hasn't changed that much from the gray wolf in terms of dietary needs. In fact there's less then a 3% difference in DNA between the two, and most of it is physical appearance and behavior towards people.

I hear you Daggett, My mom has the same issue with her dog. Maybe the best thing to do, is calmly explain to her about the realities of pet food, a good book is Food pets die for by Ann N Martin. Or split the costs for food, thats what we do, I pay for half, she pays for half.

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Go to Amazon.com, dog food ANY dog food is chapter there then most other places.

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To answer your question, NONE. I have researched and researched as much as everyone else on this forum and have learned that dog food just isn't good. I switched from Purina One to Innova Evo because of the allergies it inflicted on my dog and Purina was great for my Rottweiler, but not for my childhood dog (which I didn't know the root of her issues until now) or my current one. It's not cheap and can not be purchased at the grocery, but it sure beats waking up at 3:00am to the sounds of my dog wanting to chew off her paws from it or constantly keeping her on pills from the vet.

And here's a clue... we realize this with our dogs. Ever thought that processed food is humans' problem with all of our health issues? It sure is!!!! We would be a healthy population is we got back to the basics of food.

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I probably shouldn't get into this b/c these "discussions" can sometimes become heated, but...
chickadeedeedee~ You do realize that a wild dog would be eating a lot of what you just mentioned don't you? Of course, this doesn't sound appetizing to me either, but I also don't think it sounds fun to go roll around on a dead animal... Dogs do! Don't get me wrong, I have 2 dogs & love them dearly... They are like my children since I don't have any & yes, they are SPOILED! But, they are dogs, not humans. They have different tastes, likes, dislikes, mannerisms, etc. My dog once participated w/ my parents dog in eating a whole deer! --My then boyfriend, now DH, killed a deer during deer season & was going to work the meat up himself. Well, he had to run into town to get a few supplies & when he returned, his deer had been eaten by my dog & my parent's dog (I lived there @ the time)!-- Now, raw or cooked, deer meat does not appeal to me at all, but those two dogs were in heaven for an hour or so! LOL.

I don't feed my dogs a raw diet, so I don't care if you do or not, but do know that your dogs would probably love what you mentioned in your post, no matter how disgusting it sounds to you.

daggett~ "If someone can not afford the time or money it takes to properly care for a pet, they should not own one."

I agree w/ this TO AN EXTENT. I do think that if you're going to have a pet, they should get regular vet visits, be fed regularly, etc. But, I don't think you should be expected to feed your dog food that costs $72 for a 10 lb. bag!!! There are many pets out there living w/ elderly ppl or low income ppl that are being fed store brand food and are very content... Just think about all of the strays in the world that no one wants that are eating whatever they can find... Possibly paper b/c it has grease soaked into it! Doesn't the store brand food diet sound pretty good comparably?

These types of posts usually don't turn out well. I usually try not to read them or post to them, but I couldn't resist this time. I have 2 dogs, one 4 yrs. old & one 1 yr. old. They get regular vet visits & get taken if they so much as sneeze! However, they do get fed Pedigree dog food. They also get fed any leftover table scraps (except stuff like onions, etc. that are proven to be bad for dogs), meat is a big thing, potatoes, etc...(Blocking myself from flying objects.) My dogs like this food; they always come home from the vet w/ a clean bill of health. They have a warm place to sleep at night, or A/C in the summer, and a loving home to live in.

Granted, maybe Pedigree isn't the *absolute best* food out there, but I don't like how many ppl on this forum try to make ppl like me feel like a horrible pet owner for feeding this to their dogs! Like I said, I love my dogs as much, if not more than the next person, but I truly cannot afford to buy some of the food that is recommended on here & other sites. My dogs aren't constantly vomiting or acting ill, they are very happy pets & I bet there are many pets out there that would love to just be fed once a day, let alone have a warm place to sleep at night w/ ppl who loved them. And though it's a sad thing to think about, there are probably some kids out there that would feel the same way!

Like I said, I'm not pointing fingers or trying to offend anyone, but lighten up! Some ppl do the best they can for their pets, and I don't think they should be told not to get a pet just b/c they can't afford certain brands of food!

I'm sure I'll get many defensive replies from my comments, & that's OK, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, sometimes it's best to keep them to yourself. And, instead of bashing someone, try to suggest ways to help them. Daggett was asking a simple question to help her mom & it turned into a debate & bash against certain ppl. Yes, I'm contributing, I realize, but like I said, I just couldn't resist... I do apologize.

Thanks for listening,

PS~ chickadeedeedee & others~ Do you realize what hot dogs are made out of? Something to ponder.... :)

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Not to be rude or anything but why don't you just rehome them then to someone who can feed them better, surly a child's life to you is above a dogs, children could die just as easily from recalled/bad pet food as your dog can, childen often put things into their mouths, like pet food because they do not know any better.

you could find a really good place and visit the new owner,become friends and know your dog is getting better food, with all the same love. If finances permit you could even arrange for your new friend to give back you dog when $$ improves.

For your sake and the sake of everyone human and animals I hope Obama is going to help this $$ issue for us Americans.

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Mc_Hudd, I generally stay away from the food-fights also, for the same reason you do, I agree with you completely.
Runsnwalken, perhaps people should also re-home their children unless they can get the very best (whatever that is at the time). I love my animals and they love me, they are my family, and we are all in this together.
I am pretty old and live on a fixed income, the best part of my life is giving a good home to two dogs, four cats, four pigmy goats, six chickens and a horse - none of which get bad food, but they don't get the topmost popular food either. There is quality and there is marketing, another thing to keep in mind.
I go now...

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Runsnwalken~ Excuse me?! Your post is extremely confusing to me. I'm actually sitting here laughing!

First off, I don't think my dogs are being fed badly, and you don't know anything about me or my dogs (except what I posted earlier) so you have no right to tell me my dogs are being mistreated. And, personally, I think the food my dogs are getting is perfectly fine.

What are you talking about children for?! Yes, a child's life is very important, however, if you don't think I have the funds to take care of dogs, what makes you think I could take care of a child?! Honestly, if someone had a child in their care & let that child eat enough pet food to die, that person should be sent to prison... Don't you think you're going a little overboard here? C'mon!

Also, runs, here's a little quote you should think deeply about. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
-Abraham Lincoln
16th president of US (1809 - 1865)

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Wow. What a heated discussion I started.

I am only looking for a suggestion for the best grocery store brand dog food available.

I read the ingredients on the beneful bag and thought that my Mother could provide a better food for the money. She buys this food because of marketing not content. I'm not looking for a $72 10 pound bag of dog food. Just the best that is readily available.

Providing the best that you can for your pet looks different to each individual. Just take the time to read lables and not rely on commercials. I'm not convinced that Beneful is the best food for the money.

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I have been through allof this before. I buy beef, turkey, chicken or pork and some ham at various tuimes and lightly fry them and cube them up for my dog. He is a very picky eater and will eat meats most of the time especially if I feed them to him by hand. He is forever sneaking into the cats dish and filling up on Meow mix much to my chagrin. Our last little dog a Maltese mix loved all the meats I cooked up. She lived to nearly 17 years old and we only lost her last march. We had her for 9 years. We rescued our current Corgi mix dog from the same shelter. I wrote about his issues we have been dealing with on another thread. I have yet to find anything that he really adores to eat other than Priority total pet care brand Porkhide and Beefhide Twists. That is his most favorite chew food. It costs $2.39 at Safeway stores and has 8 sticks in each pakg. I buy 2 to 3 packs a week. He loves licorice whips broken up but had to stop useing those for treats as it makes his poo sticky and black and hard to clean up. But he does love the licorice flavor. I bought some beef cubes BBQ'd (kind of expensive though) and he really likes them. When I make a lunch meat sandwich he always has to have his share. He likes cheese slices too.

I gave up canned dog food very quickly when I saw what was in it. It is sickening what manufacturers put into there foods canned or dry. Bone meal (from what animal bones?) Animal digest ( again from what animals or fowls?) Fat renderings (from other pets who have passed on or roadkill?) I read where euthanized animals are rendered down into animal digest and fats and the drugs (poisons) are not broken down in rendering them. So you are feeding poisons unknowingly. There is a huge industry in picking up dead animals of all kinds whether euthanized or off the roads and dead farm animals who have died of who knows what. Maybe regular steakes and roasts are not healthy for our pets but they are sure more healthy that the garbage sold on the market as dog anfd cat foods. READ THE LABELS!!

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Mc Hudd:

Wild and domestic dogs will eat the rotting placentas of cows too. I won't serve it in a bowl to my domestic dogs though. But ... to each their own. *~*~*~*

Because someone does not feed a food that someone in the forum recommends does not mean they are a bad pet owner. One makes the best decision for their situation. End of story. :-)

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Children, Mu Hudd do not esspeically when they are under 2 years, know about anything, you even have to train them not to revert back to something like an early homo erectus, ( ever read about feral children?) People have done far worse then allow them to eat pet food, I'm sure. There was a story not too long ago about a couple who locked their 13 year old in a cage every night.

At that age, parents are the star and the world is just a game, anything goes, therefore its up to us to ensure kids don't poison themselves, wheither it be cleaning chemicals or dog and cat food.

True that most dogs and cats , don't get the "better foods" we decusess but it also true humans don't either, only 5% of americans eat the full daly allowance of veggies and fruits, Good pet owners know better and do not support the brands that pose a danger to our society/ or they know their limitations and don't get more then they can handle..

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Wild carnivorous creatures eat whatever they can to survive but they don't live as long as they could with a better diet. Hopefully we love our pets and want them to live as long as possible. Feeding them crap is not the way to go. You wouldn't feed your little child crap would you?

It is difficult to know exactly what to feed for best nutrition always but we have to be alert to what our pets eat. They don't know and will often eat anything they can get in their mouths such as rocks old socks underwear and even rugs have been known to pass through a dog. Maybe making sure they get enough nutricious foods to eat would stop some of that.

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Daggett, you said, ". If someone can not afford the time or money it takes to properly care for a pet, they should not own one."

Do you feel that way about your mother, or just strangers? If she refused to buy better food as you suggest, would you tell her she should get rid of her dog?

While I don't have the asnwer, I think most of the people who responded to this thread failed to comprehend the question. The OP didn't ask what GOOD food is available at the grocery. He/She asked which is the BEST. That means compared to the other ones that are available at the grocery store.

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My mother has a handicap, mild MS, that makes it difficult to walk a dog, when she came to us she has 3 large dogs, none of them on heart worm treatment/ or if they were they certainly didn't get any while we dealt with the problems of rehoming two of the dogs, she also fed ol roy- which besides from being very low grade,stinks to high heavens and has pts dogs in it.

and yes IMPO she should re home. However I respect her, and I wont say my thoughts out load, I make sure the dog gets good food which we split the cost ( I agree the price is insane, so to help it I'm just not going to get a 30+pound dog that eats like a horse in the future) the dog is walked by me mostly- as far I as can tell.

She does love animals but sometimes (rarely) thats the most dangerous owner of all. However in her defense I think she tries to accept the new and different and knows she was in over her head, this will be her last dog, she's told me.

We are just trying to be realistic about what you will find at a supermarket Deggett.

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I posted once on this site just answering the question asked and what I feed my dog. However, if the dog is doing fine on grocery store food, I am a big fan of Purina. My Rottweiler did excellent on ProPlan and I have a friend's lab and dachsund doing fine on Purina ONE. However, my current dog had allergies explode so I put her on Innova Evo and it's reduced her problems by about 90%. So, in my opinion, if the dog is doing fine on regular retail food, don't worry about it. At the same time, please don't feed Ol' Roy or anything really cheap like that... And, Purina dry food wasn't on the recall list last year. Hope this helps.

This site helped me decide on food to feed...

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I happened to stumble across this page while looking for comparisons of grocery store dog food brands I know it's been a while since this conversation ended, but I just have to try to say how appalled I am. Is this the way you yuppies actually feel? Any kid who's not being taken care of well can just be put into this beautiful foster program where they are loved and cherished? Do you really think there are so many dogs and cats in shelters because there are so many loving homes out there that you can just up and re-home your animal if you can't take the best care of it ever? How naive can you be? I've worked in the social work system here in the US, and I have to say, we are struggling all the time to help families who are poor. What, did you think that everyone qualified for foodstamps? Or are you naive enough to think that there aren't any truly poor people in America?

The shelters are bursting as it is, euthanizing pets day in and day out to keep beds open for the ones they can try to find homes for. When was the last time any of you rich, purebred buying idiots actually went to an animal shelter, you know, the ASPCA, the Humane Society, Animal Compassion Network? These are the places where people throw their animals away when people like you tell them that they shouldn't bother trying to take care of their dog or cat because they can't afford premium food. Being "re-homed" isn't as easy or as pleasant as you yuppies seem to think. But you know what? My 3 and a half year old shepherd/hound/collie/who-knows-what-else mix is really happy to be in a home where people love him. If he knew the fate that was soon awaiting him, he'd be even more grateful, because we saved him from euthanization. So, I ask you, would you rather feed a dog Beneful, giving it a good chance at 10+ years of walks, cuddles, treats, grooming, playing, and happiness, or just kill it outright?

And, since you want to bring them into it too: would you rather feed a child cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, Taco Hell, and chocolate until it is happy and full, or would you rather throw your child into foster care where, in my state, we have trouble finding parents so that one foster family ends up having up to six children, none of whom can get adequate attention, who have to move every time their foster situation changes, sometimes up to twenty or more times over the course of their childhoods, struggling in school, aching for the kind of acceptance that only comes from a permanent family? I promise you, if you think that any of the families I've worked with could put their kids up for adoption and have them automatically "re-homed" to a loving family with the money to care for their needs, you are dead wrong. But, under your opinions, apparently none of my clients should have children. I'll be sure to NOT tell that to the single father who lost his job after depression over his wife's death threw him into a downward spiral. I'll be sure to NOT tell that to the older sister who adopted her three younger siblings after their parents were killed in a car crash so that what was left of the family could stay together.

Maybe if you fed your dogs acceptable food instead of perfect food that costs a dollar or more per pound then you could afford to spare some change for the cats and dogs and children who all rely on tax dollars and good will TO STAY ALIVE. Now get off your high horses and improve society rather than detracting from it, please.

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Speaking of high horses, eh, huh?

I agree with your point, that its better for a dog to have a home and be fed something less the premium rather than be killed in a shelter.

However I believe you could have made your point with much kinder words. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

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I was poor growing up. We owned one dog and one cat. My mom knew we really couldn't afford pets but had 2 daughters who brow beat her to death, one wanted a dog (me) and my sister wanted a cat. Many days we had nothing to eat except bread and milk and that's what the dog and cat ate as well. We had food most of the time and were able to buy them food. Never a day did they go without food. Sometimes my mama would have nothing but chicken necks and grits to feed the pets, but they loved it and they were beautiful and healthy. 90% of the time they ate what we ate because we couldn't afford to buy them commercial pet food. I can remember my mom making a tuna sandwich for the do, cut in half of course, on Fridays. She's put in on the plate and he'd slowly eat it like he was a human, taking one bite of the sandwich at a time. Really funny to watch. To earn money to buy cat and dog food, I would go dust my great aunt's antique furniture. She'd pay me 25 cents and I couldn't wait to run to the A & P to buy 2 cans of dog and/or cat food. The dog and cat food I could afford was crappy food, but it was food. Anyone out there remember Kam and Delight dog foods? That Delight was the junkiest garbage, but in a pinch it was fed. Kam was a bit better, but not much.

Back then the flea treatment for dogs was bathing them in pine oil and Sargent's shampoo. My how things have changed. The pine oil killed the fleas and left the dog fresh and clean. Then we'd put one of those non effective flea collars on him and he was good to go. Unfortunately we didn't realize that flea collar was a waste of our money. LOL My dog received a bath every week so he was always clean. I know some of you "younger folk" are flinching at the thought of using pine oil on your dog. Of course I would never do that now, knowing it's not the best thing for the animal. However, it's better than what the country folk do, putting gasoline, motor oil or turpentine on dogs to rid them of fleas and ticks. Now that's animal cruelty.

Our dog and cat had a wonderful life both living into their teens. So I guess being poor dogs wasn't a bad thing for them.

I am saddened when I see people with very little money denied a pet just because they are poor. Poor does not equal bad home, just one where they might not get the best food, but that's OK because they are safe and loved and having cheap food to eat is not considered animal abuse by any means. I do think if someone cannot afford vet care for a sick or injured animal they should by all means give it up before allowing it to go untreated. I wish there were more resources available for low income families who want a pet but can't afford the food and vet care.

The sad fact is the more people losing their homes and jobs the more homeless animals come into our shelters.

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I've been using Pedigree for many years----had a chihuahua/terrier mix live to be 20 on it. He would have made more years, but got cancer.

Know of a LOT of vets/professional borders/shelters that use Pedigree. I've used dry alone, and mixed with canned(Also Pegigree)

Now, we adopted a whippet mix who cannot eat beef. Had to go to lamb and rice.

Purina makes a formula that is so nutritious I had to put her on a diet after the first month---she needed to gain about 10 pounds from her adoption weight to be healthy. The Purina lamb and rice put that weight on her so fast it caught me off guard.

It is my considered opinion---from working for a vet and life experience with many dogs---that most 'premium' dogs foods are made to sell to pet owners at inflated prices for profit to the manufacturer.

I reaised horses for twenty years---could have bought 'permium' feeds for them as well. Stuck with the local mills inexpensive sweet feed-----which had the same ingredients as the fancy stuff----and was MUCH fresher.

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Pedigree is a very good food and when all those recalls were happening, I noticed Pedigree was not on any list. I think that's a testament to their quality control.

My dogs can't eat it due to allergies, but my neighbor's dogs thrive on the stuff.

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Sometimes I feel like a really bad pet mom because I don't feed my animals the real premium brands..some of which were in the recall. I feed my dog and cats Purina ONE or Pro plan with a tablespoon of Purina ONE wet at night mixed in the dog's food and in the morning the cats get just one can of Friskies salmon and beef divided. My dog came from the rescue center with Pro plan and Purina ONE which is what I always fed my greyhound. The dog was in for a well dog check up two weeks ago and the vet likes Purina ONE. I just finished combing all six animals for fleas and they ALL have shiny coats. One of my cats lived to 21, a few to around 14/15, and my Afghan hound died at 15. I would not feed them cheap inferior no brand food but I'm satisfied in what I give them. They all have no health issues. I have gotten samples of high end foods and they turned their noses up. They like salmon and rice and nothing else..Dog likes chicken and rice.

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Brutuses-I loved your story about your pets.:)
I feed my 14 year old Chihuahua that stuff that looks like hamburger.Can't remember the name of it.No,it's not the "best" but it's what she can and will eat.Until her near death experience I fed all 5 of the dogs (all Chis) a dry food from the feed store that was a good food.This little dog didn't eat anything for almost a week after she was attacked.I cooked chicken for her at first and when she started eating well again she wouldn't eat the food she had been eating before.We tried all kinds of food and this one was the one she liked and would eat.She has lost a lot of her teeth and I think this is easier for her to eat because it is soft.Anyway,she is doing fine and is healthy so I will feed it to her as long as she will eat it.
I guess I am a bad doggie mom too because I have never fed any of my dogs the "Premium" foods and a lot of times they got whatever was the cheapest,but they never refused to eat it!

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lilliepad, I don't think you're a bad mom. The only thing I will caution you on that food you are feeding, is that it is full of sugar and lots of food coloring and bad preservatives. In time it will definitely cause serious illness. Semi moist foods are by far the very worst you can feed an animal. If you look up some of the preservatives in those foods you'll be shocked at what they are primarily used for.

Just a word of caution on the semi moist food.

If you can switch your pup to Mitey dog senior or another moist food that he might eat, it would be better for him at his age.

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Look closely at the connections between the pet food industry and the veterinary industry, and place weight on what vets recommend accordingly.

In Australia and New Zealand, there is of course a large pet food industry but they don't do much in the way of veterinary training funding etc, and, interestingly, the BARF diet has a very high level of acceptance there, I think one of the original proponents is Australian.

I saw the tail end of the "dirty jobs" segment and thought it looked gross but for the most part, that is what a wild dog or cat would eat. A hot flash also, many dogs are coprophages. (Poo eaters)

The raw food I buy I suspect is very different from what we saw in the show, it's hygienically produced and the biggest difference from plain minced meat is it contains bone meal and organ meat - it's basically the whole animal.

My dog loves it, it's healthy and species-appropriate.

Raw doesn't have to cost a fortune, for a dog a raw meaty bone (some recommend that every day, I figure a mixture is good) a couple of times a week would work wonders for most, and they're cheap.

Be judicious when buying stuff labelled as 'pet meat' unless you're confident of the source, if you buy soup bones for example, for human consumption, you'll know it won't contain anything illegal for humans so will probably be a lot better.

Dogs have a short, straight intestinal tract, consequently they can eat a lot of stuff we can't.

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my great dane girl is a picky eater. i have tried everything under the sun that i have access to. finally settled on natural balance kibble. she would eat it but not devour it like my little corgi hoovers.

if you wanna see/smell something REALLY nasty, open a can of 100% tripe. make sure you're standing where you'll have a soft landing because the smell will knock you out. however, i started adding it to my dane girl's kibble and now she eats like every meal is her last.

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nina, I found refrigerating the tripe helps keep the smell from killing ya. LOL That is some vile stuff, but boy do the animals love it.

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My vet doesn't want me giving the dog any wet food. He likes dry kibble for good healthy teeth. I regret starting the tablespoon of wet mixed in the dry because he expects it now and loves it. I do give him food from our dinner like a few pieces of fish or chicken or a few bites of sweet potato.

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brutuses, that's what i did with the 2 cases i ordered last week. as soon as it got here, i popped it in the barn fridge. it does help with the smell but oh man, that stuff is hard to take first thing in the morning! well, at least for me...the dogs don't seem to mind it a bit! LOL

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I give my little dog Purina One lamb with a teaspoon of wet food twice a day. I would like to try Newman's Own wet food. Has anyone tried this brand? I have been using Little Caesar for the wet.

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nina, I've almost passed out trying to hold my breath while I serve the stuff up. I don't buy it anymore. I'm afraid one day I'll lose consciousness while serving up their breakfast. LOL

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LOL brutuses! i find that "mouth breathing" helps. until i started using tripe, my 3 dogs would all lay in the living room while i prepared their meals. i could take my sweet time then call them into the kitchen when i was ready to feed them.

however, now they hover. i have 2 corgis under foot and my dane poking me in my elbow as if she's telling me to hurry the heck up! feeding tripe has shaved about 10 minutes off of meal preparation because the dogs are impatient and i just wanna get it OVER with! :D

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Wow--what a thread! People definitely have strong opinions about dog food, but people have strong opinions about people food, too.

I have no problem with people who can't afford better feeding their dogs inexpensive foods (although inconvenience seems like a poor excuse). I do think some of the inexpensive foods are complete crap, and everyone should avoid them. Some are less offensive and provide adequate nutrition. Beneful, however, rates at the bottom with Ol' Roy. As much as I don't like Iams or Purina One, I'd rather see your mom feed either of those foods than Beneful. At least they have actual meat in them. As someone else suggested, Maxximum would also be a better choice. Some grocery stores sell Chicken Soup dog food, which would be a far better choice still. Is there any chance you could convince your mom to feed raw, too? She could certainly get that food at the grocery store!

Like I said, if a person can't afford better, an inexpensive food fed to a well-loved dog is fine with me. What offends me is when people who are fastidious about their food choices for their family (eating fresh rather than prepared foods, buying organically grown, etc.) turn around and feed their pets crap. That, to me, is completely inappropriate.

About price, I think it's important to consider the quantity fed when making judgements about the price of dog food. Dogs eat MUCH smaller portions of high quality foods, so the price difference can be deceiving. For example, when we got our 230-pound dane/mastiff mix as a five year old rescue, he was eating 15 cups per day of Purina One. He now eats 4 cups per day of Nature's Variety Instinct, and we probably should be feeding him less to get some weight off. In other words, if I looked at price-per-meal rather than price-per-bag, I bet the difference in price would be very small, or it might even favor the better food. Without all the fillers, he simply doesn't need as much food to get the nutrition he needs. And, believe me, this makes an ENORMOUS difference in the size of the land mines in our yard! More importantly, it made a tremendous difference in his health. His skin is no longer flaky, he doesn't get the frequent ear and eye infections any more because his immune system is stronger, and he still has loads of energy despite just celebrating his 10th birthday (which is ancient for a dog his size). He runs and plays like a puppy, and I completely credit his excellent diet.

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Liminality- I agree with you 100%! I think a loved dog, fed daily, no matter what kind of food it is, is WAY better off than the hundreds (maybe thousands) that are in shelters all over the country.

Brutuses- I can totally relate to your story. My parents were very similar in the way they cared for animals. But, all of our animals were loved & free, not locked up waiting to die.

The last time I posted was almost 6 years ago. Since then, I have changed to Purina One Lamb & Rice formula. I do feel like it's a better food than the Pedigree I was feeding. However, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to it if needed. The 2 dogs that I mentioned in my OP are still with me, plus 2 more! The ones mentioned are a St. Bernard, who will be 10 in October & a Beagle who will be 7 in October. The others are a Lab mix that adopted us in December of '08. She was 8 at the time & is now 13. She even lost a leg not long before she permantly came to live with us & is still going strong! The other is another Lab mix that is about 6 months old. She was running the streets with her mom where my husband works & he talked the owner into giving her to us. Even though she's eating "less than premium" food, I still feel like she has a MUCH better life, in a loving home, eating regularly (& not out of trash cans) & getting regular check ups at the vet.

When switching foods, I did, in fact, try one of those "premium" foods... For the life of me, I can't remember the brand, but it was expensive & listed at the top of dog food list at that time. I was trying out the idea that even though the food cost WAY more, if the dogs ate less of it because it was better quality, it would all equal out in the end. Well, they definitely ate less! I started mixing it in with their regular food to "wean" them over & to my surprise, they would eat their cheap food, kibble by kibble, & leave the "premium" food in their bowl. I kept trying though! By the time I got them switched completely over, they were barely eating anything! Not because the food was so much better for them & filling them up faster, but because they HATED the new, expensive food! I finally switched them to Purina One & they started eating like normal again. Actually, my Beagle had to be put on a diet because he really packed on the pounds after eating PO for a while. So, yeah, I guess the cost of food would've equalled out in the end, but I would've had some major vet bills for starving dogs!

I know every dog probably has different likes & dislikes, just like people. But, I was shocked that NONE of my 3 dogs at the time would eat this food! It definitely didn't sell me on the premium dog foods, that's for sure!

Again, I don't think the high priced dog foods are a necessity & I totally believe they are marketed to certain people. You know, the ones that believe the higher the price, the better. I, for one, will not fall into this category ever again. I also believe that my dogs have proven that fact. The only thing I've added to their diet is glucosamine, for the 3-legged dog & my St. Bernard, who developed hip issues last summer, which is common for giant breeds. I put him on gluc. last summer & he's made a full recovery & gets around as good as he ever did!

They are all laying in the a/c right now, soaking it up & I don't think they mind that their food isn't a premium brand. They know my love for them is & that's really all that matters.

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I have had many dogs in my time. A vet who was in business for 40 years, plus took care of cows and horses, etc., told me that dogs will eat anything that smells bad, as many folks already know. Many dogs eat their own poop.
I think the best dog food is the well-balanced dog food without chemicals and artificial additives. Before I visited a pet store, for many years I fed my dogs store brand food. Our German Shepherd lived to about 14 years of age on Purina One, but I would mix the kibble with dinner scraps. I had a Cocker Spaniel that lived to 15 and was on Purina. I had a Jack Russell who was on Blue Buffalo, but died at age 6 with Lymphoma. I am definitely not saying the dog food died it but I am trying to say dog food cannot always cure what is genetic or when a dog's immune system is inadequate, etc.
When I finally discovered there are pet stores to purchase pet food I tried a few different ones. Some of them made my dogs sick (even the top brand names). Purchasing dog food at a pet store is not cheap for many who love pets but cannot afford to feed them expensive food. There is no guarantee that top brand foods will keep your pet healthier because many of the illnesses pets get are due to genetics, chemical exposure, mistreatment, and so on. If a person really wants to purchase dog food at a super market, Newman brand is a good one - it is organic, and be sure to read the label. No by-products, and meat should be the first ingredient. In many ways, canned dog food can be superior to kibble. They typically contain more meat protein than their dry counterparts. Plus, due to their air-tight packaging, canned dog foods contain no synthetic preservatives. So, fats and oils sealed inside cans donât easily become rancid.

And no artificial flavorings and colorings.

With cans, meat ingredients are closer to their natural state. So, canned products are more palatable �" and more appetizing.

Much of this information comes from http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/choosing-dog-food/canned-or-dry-dog-food/.

I am sorry to see folks speak mean to those who want to provide for their pets the best they can afford. It so happens we have a lady on our street who took in three cats and she feeds them canned Purina cat food. Guess what - the cats are very healthy, and all three are over 13 years of age, one being 17.

Best to be kind to those who want to do well for their pets and not act like we are better because we can afford much better products, which may be questionable.
Many parents don't have much money but they love their kids and provide for them the best they can, so folks who love their pets will try to do the same I am sure.

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A vet on TV said that you don't need the high dollar stuff....any well known brand name like Purina is good.

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