Toilet height

bus_driverJune 11, 2011

Friends of mine, a couple nearing age 80, are complaining that their toilet is too low and they now have trouble standing after using it. It does look low. I measured with seat up and the upper rim of the bowl is 14" above the floor. No manufacturers logo visible, the toilet is from 1968. My Toto at home looks higher but it is just 15" I found some "right height" American Standard that are 16.5" high. Recommendations?

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I don't recall the brand, but i did see some 17" high commodes at the blue big box store. They also refer to them as chair height commodes. The also make an attachment for standard height commode's that will raise the height about 3 or 4 inches. The one i installed , i removed the toilet seat and it attaches right to the commode.

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If they are labled "Comfort Height" these are the taller ones which meet the ADA requirements for 17"-19" seat height. 15 1/2" and lower are standard height. I like Kohler but any with a rim height of 16 1/2" or greater.

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