How to retrain a cat to use the litter box

sweetchastityOctober 2, 2013

Muffin had 2 stones in her bladder and took to peeing outside the litter box. She had surgery 12 days ago and is now healed and was using the litter box I had on my bed but now that I took her cone off I put the litter box back on the floor and washed my sheets so I could sleep in my bed for the first time since the surgery but she peed on my bed just now! She's sleeping in the window beside my bed and the litter box is at the foot of my bed by the wall where the window is, I have a hard time believing she didn't know where it is. There are two litter boxes in my bedroom (I used to have 2 cats) both in view and scooped clean. I was so hoping that we could go back to a normal life and now I am feeling very upset and angry. Does anyone have any advice or experience with something similar to help me understand and get through this period because I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now.

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Sometimes I think they're just like us;
they get something stuck in their brains, & that's the way it is forever after.

Just for the time being, can you move the bed a little further away?

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I could and put the litter on the floor but I think she'll still jump down on the bed first. I'm going to try moving her to another window in the living room and hope she doesn't pee on the couch. Maybe I'll cover it with garbage bags to be sure.

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This would cost you about $100, but you could purchase a large dog crate and fix it up with litter box/pan, food, and water. Put the crate somewhere where it won't bother you. Keep her inside for several hours at a time. She'll have room to move and will likely start using her litter again. I have one of these big dog crates in my kitchen, and I bring my one mean cat in at night and bed her down inside. She is separate from the indoor cats (can't harass them), warm and safe. She has come to love this crate because it belongs to her, and she knows that it is her safe, secure night-time spot. Good luck.

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